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  • david novosad posted 1727 days ago

    david novosad

    thats true, lets hope they start an unbeaten run again!

  • david novosad posted 1728 days ago

    david novosad

    james, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO NORWICH??? unbeaten in 10 and now this? is it all cuz of ruddys injury? when is the guy back?

  • pius walugembe posted 1880 days ago

    pius walugembe

    you think man city can win it agen

  • david novosad posted 1883 days ago

    david novosad

    hi james, a question for you as a norwich fan. does the signing of turner mean that the interest in curtis davies is ended

  • Romi Sigal posted 1997 days ago

    Romi Sigal

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  • Oliver Inwards posted 2084 days ago

    Oliver Inwards

    oinwards@yahoo.com, Cheers James.

  • James Kent posted 2157 days ago

    James Kent

    @oliver sad but true. Better times now though.

  • Oliver Inwards posted 2157 days ago

    Oliver Inwards

    Love your most memorable game attended!!

  • James Kent posted 2251 days ago

    James Kent

    Sounds interesting, keep me informed.

  • Mike Bandry posted 2251 days ago

    Mike Bandry

    Hi James,
    I've read all 3 of your articles and am impressed.
    Would you be interested in posting your blogs on my new site - Football Exclusives - the site domain is currently being transferred, in the meantime you can get to my site using the following link - http://goo.gl/YQ8ic
    I look forward to hearing from you,