Many say Adrian Agius was conceived in the centre circle of the Stadio del Alpi, whilst no one can yet prove this, we'll just conclude that he is from Sydney, Australia. A Juventus fanatic, Del Piero disciple and lover of anything black and white, Adrian is also an avid supporter of the Socceroos and Sydney FC.

When he is not writing, watching or playing football, Adrian studies a Combined Commerce/Law degree at the University of New South Wales. He works at a busy law firm in Sydney's CBD by day and returns to his B/R writing by night.

His current project on B/R is to cover as many football legend's careers as he possibly can via his "Legends of Football" series. The current progress is as follows:

Alessandro Del Piero, "ll Pinturicchio" (Italy) - www.goo.gl/ss4oi
Ronaldo Luís Nazário De Lima, "Il Fenomeno" (Brazil) - www.goo.gl/Y4kEd

He is up for a football chat any time.

Find him on Twiter - https://twitter.com/agius2nv @agius2nv

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Bulletin Board

  • Joya Joy posted 735 days ago

    Joya Joy

    Adrian, the article "Juventus second to Barcelona" was one of the best article. Thanks to you for bringing such a nice topic and I am very happy to see most of the people naming Juventus as a powerhouse back again. Feel very proud of it. Thanks alot for such a nice discussion topic.

  • josh choong posted 739 days ago

    josh choong

    May i ask how do you get to see Del Piero in person. That is like so cool. Well one day i just hope to see messi or the legends in person. Well, one can only dream right? Especially since they rarely come to asia (Malaysia).. Thanks for the warm welcome too ! :)

  • josh choong posted 740 days ago

    josh choong

    Awesome legends of football series !

  • LFC MAD posted 749 days ago

    LFC  MAD

    the article you wrote about the 'dubious' goal in Liverpools game against Debrecen was terrible mate.

  • Vince Siu posted 755 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Hey Adrian. Saw that you did a piece on Moussa Sissoko a few days ago. I just wrote one on why he was the EPL player of the weekend. Would love for you to check it out: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1514941-why-newcastles-moussa-sissoko-was-the-epl-player-of-the-weekend. Cheers.

  • Joya Joy posted 761 days ago

    Joya Joy

    Hi, could you please write something about Juventus vs Celtic, as the UCL is approaching and Uefa champions league blog does not have anything related to Juventus for a long time. Other writers are mentioning about their teams.

  • Francesco Amorosino posted 765 days ago

    Francesco Amorosino


  • Joya Joy posted 792 days ago

    Joya Joy

    Please write more about Juventus. Thank you.

  • Gaurang Sharma posted 806 days ago

    Gaurang  Sharma

    Hey Adrian, I have read most of your articles and I consider you as one of the finest writers in Bleacher Report. Could you please also write an article for us on David Villa? Whether he should leave Barca or stay, what is keeping him at the bench, should he play more or not. I would be very pleased if you do this!

  • omoding dan posted 1216 days ago

    omoding dan


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