Lola Judd

Lola Judd


An interesting note on modern racing by Marshall Pruett

(New indycars are on the drawing boards since this was written and IMSA now sanctions the Champ Car Atlantic Championship powered by Mazda)

The race car shown on the left is an exotic front-engined Le Mans Prototype, the 2002 Panoz LMP-01 Evo with the original 1999 design by Andy Thorby. Chris Gorne and Brian Willis made changes for the 2002 American Le Mans Series. The non-spec race car is shown from the 2002 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Should automobile racing not be about the machine? Why does automobile racing have to be about backflips and opera-like drama? Where is the automotive relevancy in this current day?

I am a fan of the American Le Mans Series, Rally America Series, Le Mans Series, IndyCar Series, FIA GT Championship, French GT, British GT, World Rally Championship, Cooper Tires presents the Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda, Dakar Rally, and the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

I hope Lola Cars builds a new indycar for the 2012 IndyCar Series. I'd like to see Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Engine Developments Ltd, and Cosworth build new engines for indycars.

IndyCar Series news:

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  • D-Boy posted 2970 days ago


    I've REALLY gone insane this time...

  • JW Nix posted 2990 days ago

    JW Nix

    I think you may dig this from KD. It deserves AOTD :

  • D-Boy posted 2995 days ago


    F1 entry:

  • Jonathan Lintner posted 3022 days ago

    Jonathan Lintner

    I'm not sure how you can complain about car bodies and manufacturer choices then claim to be an IndyCar fan. It's been far too long!

  • Jonathan Lintner posted 3022 days ago

    Jonathan Lintner

    To be honest, I don't know how the Mustang does on sales. But if they're wanting NASCAR fans to buy one, this will help more than any other manufacturer/fan link. Based on our website traffic, this is a popular move.

  • D-Boy posted 3023 days ago


    Been a while since I had anything to post, but here we are:

  • walter mcdougle posted 3044 days ago

    walter mcdougle


    Thanks for the comments on my stories.

    There are many changes I'd like to see in IndyCars; some are necessary, others are pipe dreams:

    1. As I said in my column, get off Vs. and back on ESPN or one of the networks.

    2. Can Brian Barnhardt and put Tony Cottman in charge of competition.

    3. Tell Dallara, Panoz and your namesake to design a chassis that meets current safety standards and costs less than 200 grand. Begin using them asap.

    4. Open up the engine rules so that anybody that wants to make an engine that meets the series' specs (2.0-liter, turbocharged) whether thats rival manufacturers to Honda or companies like Cosworth, Ilmor, Judd, etc.

    5. Create a fully-integrated ladder system that starts from USAC/Skip Barber/go-karts and helps young drivers work their way up.

    6. Focus on marketing the series' North American drivers in North America (market the other drivers internationally) so that the public learns their names and is able to relate to them.

    7. Make a commercial like the "I'm so fast" one CART made in 2002 that focuses on the drivers' personalities.

    8. If the series must remain on Vs., put classic races on in the offseason and weekdays to maintain and build interest.

    9. Put Road America, Milwaukee, Portland Lagune Seca and Cleveland back on the schedule. Explore races at Road Atlanta and Miller Motorsports Park. Try to find a way to get Phoenix and Michigan back on the schedule.

    10. Balance the schedule. Two races in six weeks to end the season is ridiculous.

    11. Team up with ALMS as often as possible to cross-pollinate fan-bases.

  • Paula Thompson posted 3045 days ago

    Paula Thompson

    Lola - thanks for checking out my articles...

    I would like to see IndyCar in general find a break-out driver, like they had in the days of Rick Mears or the Andrettis...I think Marco has the potential to follow Dad's and Gramdpa's footsteps, but he needs better marketing. I'm not convinced Danica is the break-out driver, especially with all her NASCAR ramblings lately (I also don't think she'll be as successful as she thinks she will in the haavier cars).

    Specifically, I think I'd like IndyCar to go back to their original musings of being an oval track series - I'm not a huge road course fan, but I see their place in an international series like IndyCar has become. I would also like to see them head back to a better channel than VS, even if it's tape-delayed. On a driver note, I'm hoping Sarah Fisher gets the funding to run all the oval track races next season - while she isn't that break-out driver I was talking about, I think she is good for the series, and "old school" as far as being the type of driver the series originally wanted to draw.

  • Joshua Lobdell posted 3053 days ago

    Joshua Lobdell

    NASCAR doesn't help the automobile, who said that it did?

    On the flip side how does IRL, or the Rolex Grand Am series help the automobile?

    BTW Rolex sereis is owned by NASCAR

  • Steven Neuwohner posted 3067 days ago

    Steven Neuwohner

    Lola,right now it has to be the 2time Lemans winning ferrari 430gt.pic taken on raceday at road america.Next is the mazda-lola run by dyson racing.I took alot of pics of it going thru tech on friday