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My names Travis, I have been an avid fan of mixed martial arts for years. I took a year of boxing and then took some time off, during that break i discovered a mixed martial arts training center known as Thaishodo MMA. I have watched pretty much all the TUF's, every UFC since 50 and I have found the older ones on video or online. The same deal comes with Pride i started watching that just about the time it was dissolved, once it was i went to best buy and bought most of the past ones. Those i couldn't find i found online. I also watch Elite XC though many MMA fans find it to be a disgrace, I myself have mixed feelings about it all. I went to college for one semester so far, most of you who chose to go to college instead of jump into the job market, congrats i learned that lesson the hard way. Any questions feel free to ask.

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