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  • Levi Nile posted 673 days ago

    Levi Nile

    Loved you piece on boxing gloves! Are you in any way related to MMA trainer Ray Longo?

  • paul sweet posted 681 days ago

    paul sweet

    Oh look at that an article about mayweather being upset lol

  • paul sweet posted 681 days ago

    paul sweet

    I just read an article you wrote 2 years ago about why tebow is better than newton LMFAO wow you're comical

  • King J posted 814 days ago

    King J

    Please PM me your votes ASAP for B/R's 2012 Best of Boxing Awards. Also please provide your expert commentary on why you voted for your winners, any where from 1 sentence to a paragraph. Thanks.

  • King J posted 850 days ago

    King J

    PM your official prediction PAC vs JMM 4

  • danny garcia posted 968 days ago

    danny garcia

    Hi, i'm owner of the website: I needed some writers for my blog and was wondering wether you would like to write articles for my website. If you do please email me at

  • King J posted 1069 days ago

    King J

    Hey bro please PM me your official prediction statement on Mayweather/Cotto ASAP! Thanks!

  • Dean C posted 1108 days ago

    Dean  C

    HAHAHA Ralph you are a joke, just like if he wins you your fantasy football, then you gotta realise that means shit ALL about the real NFL. Watch the game then comment RALPH

  • Dave Morrison posted 1340 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    You earned it Ralph! 4k reads on your very first article??? Super impressive.

    Really looking forward to seeing what you can do when you really get into the flow!


    Dave Mo

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