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  • James Foley posted 2333 days ago

    James Foley

    Granville, thank you for the amusing comment. Here is the entire extent of my passage dealing with you.

    "Some reports quoted the esteemed Granville Ampong, who supposedly broke the news on the Yahoo contributor network. Let's get this clear: Granville Ampong has about as much inside info as I do. He is a contributor, who sits at home and writes whatever he pleases, with no regard for any journalistic standards."

    You'll notice at no point do I make any inference or suggestion as to your race, country of origin, country of inhabitance, educational background, sexual preference, theological views, or whether you prefer boxers of briefs.

    Secondly, congrats on your work for those fine publications. I have also contributed a piece on the Yahoo contributor network. That doesn't make us Woodward and Bernstein, pal.

    And as for your warning and advice to be careful, let me first of all say that I stand by everything in the above quote. You should also note the fact that I am not a paid journalist nor do I have to adhere to any of those standards that you refer to. I represent no one but myself. I give my opinion. In my mind you are neither a legitimate source of information nor a writer of any discernable ability.

    The irony of this is that your (at the time) unfounded rumor actually turned out to be right! You should be basking in victory, not firing off lame, bitter letters to people like myself so obviously beneath your prestigious journalist level.

    I encourage you to do whatever you think is necessary, Mr. Ampong.

    Have a good one

    -James Foley