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I am a high school student who writes mostly about the NBA and College Football.

November 6th 2011: Joined BR
November 22nd 2011: 5000 views
November 27th 2011: 10,000 views
December 14th 2011: 25,000 views
December 21st 2011: Promoted to Correspondent, 50,000 views
June 27th 2012: 100,000 views
July 11th 2012: 200,000 views, Promoted to Analyst
July 26th 2012: 300,000 views
August 18th 2012: 400,000 views

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  • Sim Risso posted 1978 days ago

    Sim Risso

    I just finished and submitted your slideshow. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Sim Risso posted 1978 days ago

    Sim Risso


    I saw your message and just started editing your slideshow. Should be done in a little bit...

  • Avi Wolfman-Arent posted 1988 days ago

    Avi Wolfman-Arent

    Hey Nikhil,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    As I'm sure you've already surmised from the tremendous response, your piece on Ledecky-Ye was well-written, well-argued and, above all, thought provoking. You were able to strike at an important issue -- namely the role that jingoism plays in the Ye debate -- without making any incendiary accusations.

    You simply laid the two cases side-by-side and let readers draw the obvious connections. Well done.

    Two things to consider for the future:

    1.) First person can be an effective stylistic tool, but don't overuse it. At the points where you're taking us through your thought processes -- i.e. "two things popped into my mind" or "I was happy for" -- the article starts to feel more like a stream-of-consciousness blog post as opposed to a composed piece.

    2.) Come with some hard evidence. You're telling us that the responses to Ledecky and Ye were inconsistent with one another, but you don't cite any cases. And while I'm inclined to believe you based on my personal experiences, others may not. Find an article or two that support the claim. Slap a juicy block quote in there. Not only will that make your argument stronger, parsing the language of others could lead you to new revelations.

    That's all.

    Hope it was helpful. You've got great talent.


  • Andres Stein posted 1994 days ago

    Andres Stein

    You're welcome. It was needed for someone to point that out.

  • Sim Risso posted 1994 days ago

    Sim Risso

    No worries. I figured that's what happened because you cited another link earlier in the article.

  • Roz posted 2349 days ago


    It can be as long as you want! The into slide must be over 300 words, that's it.

  • Roz posted 2350 days ago


    Good luck with your writing! Here are a few links to get you started:

    Style Guide:

    Style Clearinghouse:

    B/R dictionary:

    Hope that comes in handy!