Daniel Zoltek

Daniel Zoltek


I am 16 years old living in New Jersey. I am a die hard Ranger fan and support my team in anyway. I follow mostly every sport and know what I am talking about expect MLB.

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  • Brandon Gudovitz posted 2056 days ago

    Brandon Gudovitz

    Daniel-Just checking in to see if you are still trying to write on B/R.

  • Kevin Kraczkowski posted 2259 days ago

    Kevin Kraczkowski

    Daniel - Don't stop trying to be a writer on B/R, they didn't accept my application at first either, but I submitted a second time, was accepted, wrote about 50 articles and am now being considered as a F/C for the Florida Panthers and the NHL. Totally worth it.

  • Brandon Gudovitz posted 2347 days ago

    Brandon Gudovitz

    It sounds interesting but maybe too indepth for the application article. Try something like comparing the new Rangers versus the Rest of the teams in the league. The article you wrote would be more of a slide show.
    How often did you say you could write for bleacherreport. 2-3 articles a week is what I think they are looking for.

  • Brandon Gudovitz posted 2348 days ago

    Brandon Gudovitz

    I just want to thank you for become a fan of mine. To write for bleacherreport it takes hard work. Come up with some good articles and apply using your best one. The key is to keep it quick and to the point. If you have anymore questions please let me know.