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Hello! I'm Alex, and no I'm not a boy. I am a force with which to be reckoned when it pertains to the sports world. I have reduced many individuals to tears as they foolishly try to win a sports knowledge battle, so I would suggest that you not try, for you may not come out unscathed. I tend to be more interested in main sports such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, golf, and, of course, cricket. However, I also have a soft spot for obscure sports. My dreams at night center on being an anchor on ESPN’s Sports Center. If they tolerate Lou Holtz spitting (literally) out a pep talk, then I can definitely handle the Top Ten. Also, in warning, I am not very talented or practiced when it comes to keeping my biases under wraps. Yes, I hate Duke. You would, too, after the stunt Steve Wojciechowski pulled on Jamaal Magloire in the 1998 elite eight game. With that being said, “The important thing is not winning, it’s making everyone else lose.”

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