Arron St Aubin

Arron St Aubin


Making his way to the BR at 125lbs, 5''10, from Toronto, Ontario Canada....ARRON ST.AUBIN~!!!

I've been an avid watcher of pro-wresting since I was a toddler , from my days of yelling Macho Man's catchphrases back at the T.V, to wearing black underwear as a child and pretending they were tights and wrestling my pillow to this day, where I continue to watch the sport I love.

I am now a 20 year old Pro-wrestling fan/critic.
: D

Some of my favorite wrestlers/superstars/personalities include:
-CM Punk
-Chris Jericho
-Dolph Ziggler
-Dusty Rhodes
-Cody Rhodes
-Jim Cornette
-Alberto Del Rio
-Daniel Bryan
-Stone Cold
-The Rock
- John Cena (the person, not the character/superhero)
-Chris Benoit
- Kurt Angle (at times)
-Mick Folly/Cactus Jack/Dude Love/Mankind
-Masked Kane
- X-pac

JUUST to name a few. Also note, this is a list of people who I USE to enjoy but not anymore and people who I am CURRENTLY into.

I dislike lil' Jimmies and people who don't want to be saved by the Straight Edge lifestyle.
Remember, 'Straight Edge, means i'm better than you.'

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  • Miranda Galea posted 2354 days ago

    Miranda Galea

    It's not in the midde of nowhere o.o
    we're just small. it's not like we're poor or anything lol we're pretty much just like you people... but without the snow :B

  • Miranda Galea posted 2354 days ago

    Miranda Galea

    It's in Europe small little island in the centre of the mediterranean sea. We're not always on maps haha
    Where are you from? :)

  • Miranda Galea posted 2355 days ago

    Miranda Galea

    I'm from Malta btw
    I think I've been on BR like since last December? Well something around that time anyways :)

  • Hamster Enigma posted 2358 days ago

    Hamster Enigma

    Thank you. Here is one of my most recent articles that you may like if you haven't read it yet.

    I'll link you to the rest when I post them alright?

  • Miranda Galea posted 2359 days ago

    Miranda Galea

    Yep it's a girl on bleacher report :P
    can't help it! I'm in love with wrestling haha

    I'm only here for the wrestling cause I'm not from the US so I don't follow football or anything else lol

    Did you just recently join? If so welcome! :D