Ryan Crandall

Ryan Crandall


I'm an NBA fanatic... I'm still pretty young so I can't go back that far in the NBA. Although, right now I sure know more than the guy next to me.

Don't challenge it. Don't.

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  • Akif Islam posted 1979 days ago

    Akif Islam

    hey mate - became a fan with my new account as my previous account won't work anymore
    I want to challenge you in regard to current nba knowledge

  • Patrick Buscone posted 1983 days ago

    Patrick  Buscone

    No I completely get that. I love to talk hoops too so if you ever want to strike up a conversation about anything basketball related, I'm down.

  • Patrick Buscone posted 1984 days ago

    Patrick  Buscone

    Hey Ryan, thanks for liking my article on the best backcourts in the NBA. I really appreciate it.

    Also, I'm not challenging or doubting what you say about your NBA knowledge, but, as an NBA fanatic myself, I love to talk basketball with other educated fans if you ever want to discuss NBA topics, just post on my bulletin board because I'm always up for a good basketball conversation.

  • mike jesus posted 2237 days ago

    mike jesus

    yeah i know, i just thought it was pretty ironic to see that when you state you know more than everyone.

  • mike jesus posted 2245 days ago

    mike jesus

    hey dude. o love how you claim you know so much about basketball when you don't know shit. i just read on an atricle your comment saying erden will do better on the celtics when he gets healthy, well guess what "basketball genius"? he's not even on the celtics. just thought i'd point that out since you claim you know so much mr. knows nothing

  • Malcolm Johnson posted 2305 days ago

    Malcolm Johnson

    Thanks Ryan, site just launched a month ago, so we are still working on building up the member base. Should really start picking up around October due to the excitement surrounding the college season.

  • Malcolm Johnson posted 2306 days ago

    Malcolm Johnson

    Thanks Ryan, I appreciate that! I just sent you a message on the site. Check your inbox here: http://swooshnation.com/community/inbox.html

  • Malcolm Johnson posted 2308 days ago

    Malcolm Johnson

    Ryan- I've seen some of your comments on B/R and have really enjoyed your insight. I just launched a new website called Swoosh Nation and was wondering if you would be interested in joining onto the site as a moderator in the message boards. If you have any interest at all or any questions, please contact me admin AT swoosh nation DOT com. I appreciate your consideration and am looking forward to hearing back from you!

  • NEW YORKER posted 2325 days ago


    I'm a huge NBA fan too. Basketball is the best sport in the world, and Ball is life.

  • Preston DeGarmo posted 2327 days ago

    Preston DeGarmo

    Well I'm always glad to find another Suns fan on here.