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  • Michael Cerna posted 2074 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Here you go, Shawn:


    The final of the four Spanish regional clubs. I hope you get a chance to check out the full series.



  • Michael Cerna posted 2075 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hi Shawn,

    Here is part 3 of 4 of Spain's regional Starting XI:




  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 2234 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Shawn!

  • Angelo Caparros posted 2234 days ago

    Angelo Caparros

    Good articles, man! Keep it up!

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 2243 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    No problem, Shawn.

  • Alison Myers posted 2284 days ago

    Alison  Myers

    I really don't know what happened. I asked on our copy editors group, and no one else knew what was wrong either. The other guy who tried said he also had a problem. I'll check it again today and if it still doesn't come up, I'll put out a heads up to someone in charge.

  • Jackson Thomas posted 2284 days ago

    Jackson Thomas

    Sure thing!

  • Jackson Thomas posted 2284 days ago

    Jackson Thomas

    The same thing happened when I tried to click on it, too. The person who took over the editing before I could finish it I believe was a copy editor named Alison Myers. Maybe she knows what happened? I would ask her. Sorry about the confusion!

  • Jackson Thomas posted 2284 days ago

    Jackson Thomas

    It was the one titled "Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Match Report, Rating Cesc Fabregas and Fabio Coentrao." I was in the middle of editing it, but then someone else overrided me, and now I'm unable to finish it?

  • Jackson Thomas posted 2284 days ago

    Jackson Thomas

    Shawn, did your article ever get published? I noticed I was editing it, but then someone else took over and I was never able to finish it. Let me know! Thanks!