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  • Nick Lantz posted 1619 days ago

    Nick Lantz

    I agree, I'm definitely getting the feeling that another trade will happen, despite what Ainge says. To me, I would leave Green, Bradley, Olynyk and maybe Sullinger out of any trade talks. Wallace and Humphries are likely trade bait, but nobody wants Wallace's big three-year contract. Humphries, on the other hand, has an expiring contract, which is a valuable trade asset. If I'm Danny Ainge, and Joe Dumars of Detroit calls for Rondo, I would definitely listen. Rondo for Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight would be an amazing deal for Boston. There are few good Centers in the league, and Monroe is one of them (and he's still so young). I also think a package of Courtney Lee and Brandon Bass could bring back some draft picks and expiring contracts or young asset as well. Thanks Ross.

  • Nick Lantz posted 1628 days ago

    Nick Lantz

    I think it's time for the C's to aim for the future, Ross. They got 1st-round three picks ('14, '16 and '18) from Brooklyn and have a young nucleus of Rondo (for the moment), Bradley, Green, and Sullinger. With KG and Pierce gone, and now Rondo trade talks coming about again, it seems like the Celtics are committed to rebuilding. They could very well pick up Josh Smith or another big man, but there main focus should be building around their young players. Next year's draft is going to be loaded. If they keep the roster as is, they'll likely finish somewhere along the lines of 8th in the East, depending on Rondo's return. If they trade Rondo, then we will most likely end up with a solid lottery pick in 2014. I expect a 2-year rebuild personally.

  • Nick Lantz posted 1670 days ago

    Nick Lantz

    Ross, the C's definitely need to make some changes, that's obvious. The biggest question has to be what the future of Pierce and KG is. It would hurt to see either one of them go, but it is time to make some changes with the future in mind. Right now, Rondo, Green, Sullinger and Bradley are the future. They may also want to consider giving Jordan Crawford a shot at a larger role. Personally, I think they need another solidified big man. Josh Smith and J.R. Smith can give you highlight plays, but can they win a championship? It's going to be interesting, Ross; we'll see what Danny's thinking.

  • Collin Kottke posted 1698 days ago

    Collin Kottke

    Hello, Ross. About the spring football game, the game is on the 27th. Coach Kill has opened up all spring practices this spring to the public and media though. I was out of town this weekend, but I did see that Coach Kill did have all of the crowd come onto the field on Saturday to put pressure on the kicker. It was a cool picture and quite a substantial crowd for a Gophers football practice.

    From Amelia Rayno of the Star Tribune (who is excellent, by the way), she says that the Gophers could be looking at Rakeem Buckles who is currently at Florida International, Pitino’s former school. I’d say there’s a good chance at getting Black to the Gophers, he fills a need and Pitino is a great speaker. Pitino completely sold me at his introductory press conference. I would venture to guess that Pitino won’t go after too many recruits though since the 2014 high school class is loaded across the board and he’ll be wanting to, probably wisely, saving those scholarships.

  • Andrew Doughty posted 1717 days ago

    Andrew Doughty

    Losing Ellis certainly doesn't help but it's not an immediate program changer that anyone should be worried about.
    I'm also excited about the hire and like the approach by Teague. Risky? Oh absolutely but I'm ready for a risk

  • Nick Lantz posted 1759 days ago

    Nick Lantz

    Thanks for contributing to the discussion of my Celtics Trade Rumors piece. I am very anxious to see what Boston does or if they do anything at all. Smith would be a great addition, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Andrew Doughty posted 1769 days ago

    Andrew Doughty

    Thanks for the note. I care very very much about Gophers football, as I am a St. Paul native. Kill has certainly generated adequate excitement for the program in just two years but everyone is still waiting for that statement game. Schedule stacks up favorably for the Gophs to hit 8 wins next year.

  • Nick Farnsworth posted 1811 days ago

    Nick Farnsworth

    Hey Ross,

    Great hearing from you. My take on what the Celtics are doing this year is that they are in a bit of a transition phase, even though the important pieces of Garnett and Pierce are still on the court. Watching the way the team is playing this year is showing me a bit that they don't think they can simply win the way they did last year by relying entirely on Garnett and Pierce to score and leaving the bench to just try to not blow the lead to much. Rondo is taking more control of the team offensively, and is being relied on completely to create the offense. It has been seen heavily in games where he has had to sit out, as the team's offense appears very stagnant and unable to find rhythm. In addition I have been surprised at how much it appears Garnett is taking the back seat in terms of being the emotional leader of the team that we have seen in the past. Rondo hasn't quite figured out how to completely embody this role, and I don't know whether Garnett is just older or was convinced to rejoin the team by saying he could be more of a supporting veteran but he doesn't appear to be quite as much of a vocal leader overall as he has been in the past.

    In saying that I think much of the issue is they have yet to really find their true identity. They are playing much more like a collection of talented players than an overall effective team. I think some of this has to do with the fact that there hasn't seemed to be a rotation that has really clicked yet, and Doc has been forced to change the lineup over and over again in an attempt to find the chemistry that will allow the lineups to compliment each other better.

    In terms of minutes, I think it is a tough question because of the lack of clarity on who should be on the court together. I do think the return of Bradley will help with this a bit, as he will likely reclaim the starting role and there will no longer be this need to shuffle shooting guards around. My best guess is that by the end of the year we will see a starting line-up of Rondo-Bradley-Pierce-Sullinger-Garnett. As Sullinger continues to develop I think he is going to develop a strong defensive set up with Garnett down low, and he is beginning to really show what he can do on the offensive boards.

    The remainder of the rotation will be tricky. As Sullinger gets more minutes, undoubtedly Collins will likely see a big decrease in minutes even if he continues to start. I think Bass will adjust to the role of coming off the bench and we will see his minutes remain around the same or be decreased slightly, but he is still the player that will often replace Garnett when he needs his rest. I think Green's minutes need to be increased a bit and that we should start trying to give Pierce a bit more of a rest. Although I like what Pierce has done he is likely to slow down at some point, and I don't see him being able to completely carry the team any more with scoring. Finally the Lee and Terry debate is a bit complicated, though it is clear both of their minutes will go down with the return of Bradley. I do believe that we will see Lee start to take more of Terry's minutes as he settles into the reserve role and really finds his place on the team.

    Sorry for the long response, but the subject was too interesting for a short answer.

  • Gavin Andrews posted 1826 days ago

    Gavin Andrews

    The only name I see Atlanta being interested in from that list is Brantley, and I would actually consider him a decent option if Cleveland would part with him. Unfortunately for Atlanta, Cleveland doesn't have any outfield prospects in sight of the majors. From my list, Choo and DeJesus are easily the most probable options, and outside of my list, Chris Heisey, Jose Babata, David Murphy, and Dayan Viciedo are the most likely options.

    However, whether or not the White Sox, Rangers, and Reds want to part with Viciedo, Murphy, and Heisey is yet to be determined, as they are all contenders. Tabata presents an interesting option: a proven bat with speed that can hit leadoff and defend in the outfield very well but had a rough 2012. When he was recalled from Triple-A, he had a very good final end to the year though. Presents even more questions when you consider his attachment to the Pirates, their glut of outfielders (McCutchen and Marte are there for the long-haul, the gigantic question mark of Travis Snider in right field, Gaby Sanchez at first, and Garrett Jones with the ability to play first and right) and their trio of major outfield prospects just a few years away (Josh Bell, Barrett Barnes, and the wonderfully progressing Gregory Polanco). If the Pirates would part with Tabata, and the Braves believe in him, Tabata would be a very intriguing low-risk, high-reward option. If all pans out, he could hit leadoff and play left for the Braves through 2019.

  • Nick Farnsworth posted 1968 days ago

    Nick Farnsworth

    I think the C's would love to get Howard, and may throw some names out there to Orlando. However it isn't going to happen. We can't put together a package even close to landing Howard, as it seems they really want younger talent that they could build around as well as some draft picks. We could match the salary later on to make a deal work, it just isn't really going to happen with out good draft picks that the Magic could use to rebuild