David Moose

David Moose


I joined Bleacher Report because I absolutely adore ice hockey. Which other sport combines incredible skill and athleticism, constant excitement, and face punching? It also feeds my nerdy fascination with all manner of statistics; I'm that guy who cites point totals and save percentages at you when you're trying to watch the game.

Given I'm British and our NHL coverage has usually sucked, my first experience with hockey was a bargain bin copy of an EA Sports NHL title. I don't remember which one, but it had the Hartford Whalers in it so that kind of narrows it down. The 1998 Winter Olympics was the first time I ever watched a game, with a certain Sergei Fedorov really grabbing my attention. So much so, in fact, that I followed him back to the NHL and ended up supporting his team.

Ever since then I've been a Red Wings supporter from across the pond; if you think staying up late for those Western Conference games in California and Alberta is a pain, try doing it when you live in the Eastern Hemisphere.

So really my focus is following the NHL section of Bleacher Report. I have a few thoughts on articles I'd like to contribute at some point, but at the moment I'm just enjoying the enormous backlog of superb pieces on here and discussing hockey with fellow fans.

You can follow me on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/HockeyMoosings

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  • the CFL posted 2006 days ago

    the CFL

    Just read your bio.


  • David Moose posted 2271 days ago

    David Moose

    I'm rather worried that my watching of those games that Issac kindly mentioned might be in doubt this season. Most European NHL coverage is done by ESPN, who of course lost their deal with the league this season to NBC Sports. They're now being very secretive when I ask them just what level of coverage they're going to offer.

    Any suggestions on new networks that might be available, or some of the online options - which I'm not sure if they're even available in the UK/Europe - would so so very welcome. This is so massively frustrating...

  • Isaac Smith posted 2301 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    Just read your bio, your will to stay up later and watch those games is an inspiration for all of us Red Wings fans over here.