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Graduate student in public policy at University of Southern California. Originally from Whittier, California. Fan of Los Angeles sports teams: Lakers, Dodgers, and Chivas USA. Have written sports-related articles since middle school, was also a guest writer on my high school paper and a radio host on my campus radio show. Somewhat of a stats and fantasy wonk: favor stats-based arguments, and have a number of fantasy teams.

My sports-related Twitter handle is chasbennettonbr

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  • Steve Parker posted 932 days ago

    Steve Parker

    Charles - per your article that was published on July1, 2013 entitled "Why the American Athletic Conference Is Doomed from the Start". I just have a couple of questions which pertain directly to the content within the article. First,if you could go back in time, would you have written the same article? If so, please explain why. If you wouldn't have written the article, please explain why. If you would have written the article because you were assigned to, blah blah whatever, what changes would you have made. Given that it's not even been 2 years since you wrote it, do you feel different about the conference today than you did back then. If so, what could have possibly occurred in only 1 year and 11 months, to the day I might add, to have changed your mind? Please enlighten me on all of these miraculous events, occurrences, or whatever you call them, where the stars aligned in such a way perhaps, I don't know, I'm just taking a stab in the dark, that may....may have changed your view of the conference today as opposed to July 1, 2013, when you chose to stick a fork in each of the members and exclaim, ITS DONE!...before you even gave it a chance???......I'll let you assume the floor now and enlighten me with your answers, you being the Senior Analyst and all, and I, nothing but a simple fan, but one who happens to hold an Economics degree from a member institution. Fill me with your knowledge, 'ol wise one...

  • Drew Evans posted 993 days ago

    Drew Evans

    For the article at, instead of "He also finished in the top five in defensive rating five teams," did you actually mean five times?

  • Adam Fromal posted 1000 days ago

    Adam Fromal

    Thanks, Charles. The SGs will come out on Wednesday, then SFs on Friday.

  • JoeStrummer BombersJetsJays posted 1576 days ago

    JoeStrummer BombersJetsJays

    You're a horrible writer. The month of August has been better without you.

  • Chris Martinich posted 1604 days ago

    Chris Martinich

    Yes! If you could find twenty cities that would be great!

  • Chris Martinich posted 1604 days ago

    Chris Martinich

    Yes! If you could find twenty cities that would be great!

  • Chris Martinich posted 1605 days ago

    Chris Martinich

    Like for the expansion teams There has been a lot of new cities coming into the picture like Sacramento and Oklahoma city. How realistic is it for those new cities in the running? I know MLS next target for expansion is the southeast but I saw the turnout for sac town and even Indianapolis and in my opinion I would rather have those teams than a team in Miami with a questionable fan base or Atlanta known as a bad fan support town. As for chivas wouldn't it be better to change the name to like LAFC or something more appealing to a broader market other than limiting themselves to the Latino community? But in the end could you rank the 10 best cities for mls expansion again; your last article on that was really good and with this rapid expansion I would like to hear your opinion. Also I hate the red bulls just for their name, couldn't they buy out the cosmos and change their name to the cosmos. It would attract a lot of old fans and wouldn't be a disgrace to the mls.

  • Chris Martinich posted 1609 days ago

    Chris Martinich

    Could do another update of the 10 possible expansion cities since there has been a lot of activity since your last article? Also could you do an article on Chivas USA and what they should do with that club? Like should they relocate them or go through a rebranding process or do they just need a new stadium away from Galaxy?

  • Roy Frye posted 1947 days ago

    Roy Frye

    I'm glad you deleted that James Harden Lakers article. It would destroy your rep!

  • brett edward posted 2012 days ago

    brett edward

    I saved your Jim Thome article and just wanted to say in time that you don't know anything. Thome still has game left in him. He is carrying the phillies right now. Currently in his sixth game he is batting over 500 and has three home runs with 13 rbi's. I just wish for one time you journalists eat your words and say you were wrong.