Charizard......... THIS FIRE BURNS...

Charizard......... THIS FIRE BURNS...

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  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 day ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    ''You a DBZ fan?? Didn't know that. Gotta ask you who's your favorite character??
    Ready for WRESTLEMANIA??? Predictions please?''

    Piccolo is my favorite character. Sure, he's weaker than all the other S-Saiyans
    and Imperfect Cell and above villains.But... I like his no nonsense approach and
    techniques. He's the closest thing to a Bruce Wayne... you're gonna get in that
    series and he's alien green.

    B/R will update me about WM 31. In all likelihood, I'll be ranting like a crazy SS3.
    Alright, I'll set up my Mania predictions and post them on my bulletin board.

  • Bad Job Barrett posted 1 day ago

    Bad Job Barrett

    Wrasselmania is near. I hope I won't job.

  • bruce wayne posted 1 day ago

    bruce wayne

    haha yes brother i am backkk

  • Kendrick Lamar is the best 2.0 posted 2 days ago

    Kendrick Lamar is the best 2.0

    Lol I'm not 11 bro! I was just kidding.

    Yeah I'm getting super pumped for Mania now. My predictions are:
    Either Mizdow or Axel for the battle royal
    Lesnar (God I will pray tonight that he wins)

  • UltraMantis Black posted 2 days ago

    UltraMantis Black

    When the lost at the Emirates, I was speechless. Not that I thought they would win the whole thing but still. They're doing good in Premier League right now, but if they don't finish in the top three, I think it would probably be the end of the Wenger era. Guardiola is rumoured to leave Bayern at the end of the season, so fingers crossed.

    I don't know what to expect of Mania, like most people I guess, considering the buildup, but for my predictions, I would go with:

    Kidd and Cesaro
    Miz (screwing Mizdow)
    The Bella Twins
    Reigns (Rollins cashes in and becomes champion).

    How about yours?

  • Real NBA Fan posted 3 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Hey, what's up??

  • Randy Norton posted 3 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Imma make one more prediction , the BIG PREDICTION. AUSTRALIA WILL WIN CWC 2015. I'm doing good yo , not as hyped as I was the last year's one but it'll still be a good show.

    My Predictions are ,
    AJ / Paige
    Rollins wins in the main event.

    That's it right ? lol

  • Superman Reigns One Versus All posted 3 days ago

    Superman Reigns One Versus All

    RoboCop can take Charizard anyday Lol, wats up

  • Small Fundamental posted 3 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Yeahh I think this would end the Fast and Furious franchise :( They were never good films lol... Just great action flicks to watch with friends :P I don't think they will kill his character... He will probably ride off into the sunset on a Skyline :D Or a GTR lol

    Ah... You won't get it unless you watch it :( Top Gear is the most watched factual TV show in the world and they fired the host of it... They fired him for a good reason, but eh... I still think they should have kept him on.. It's so sad that Top Gear is probably over now.. If you haven't watched it, you really should..

    It's the greatest car show in the world but its not only about cars... There is so much other HILARIOUS stuff as well.. Its probably funnier than every single TV show right now, not named South Park and The Simpsons

  • Small Fundamental posted 3 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Now you would think that.... But the stats say otherwise lol... This might be a bit of a long post LOL.. Sorry XD

    Career averages
    Sanga 58.63
    Sachin 53.78

    Career averages (against GOOD teams.. Excluding teams like Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc)
    Sanga 53.45
    Sachin 48.95

    Sanga gets a Test century every 5.97 innings.. Sachin gets a century every 6.5 innings.
    Sanga gets a DOUBLE century every 23.2 innings.... Sachin gets a double century every 54.83 innings!!

    Highest test score: Sanga 319!!! Sachin 248

    In Tendulkar's LAST 40 INNINGS, he did not score a century. In his last 40, he had an average of 32.71. In Sanga's last 40 innings, he had 11 centuries and he batted at an average of 60.52 (almost double)

    Now whaddya think? XD