Charizard......... THIS FIRE BURNS...

Charizard......... THIS FIRE BURNS...

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  • Small Fundamental posted 7 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    B*tch if you ain't back in a week, I'm sending a search party.....

  • DeAngelo Lakes posted 14 hours ago

    DeAngelo Lakes

    how'd you get so many fans?

  • Small Fundamental posted 3 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Getting slightly worried now lol.. What happened to you??

    Hope you didn't hurt yourself after seeing the Spurs record and seeding

  • Donovan Griffin posted 6 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    ''I'm still against Reigns winning the Rumble tho.''

    Everyone should... this was a fulled Vince Mcmahon decision.

  • Randy Norton posted 11 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Yo Zard man , where ya at ?

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 11 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Char!!!! Do u live?????? I miss you man.

  • Georgia Sports Fan posted 12 days ago

    Georgia Sports Fan


  • LeeXD posted 17 days ago


    I can sense your clear dislike for Reigns LOL XD I feel bad for unnecessary hate he gets, some of it is relevant and understandable, some of it isn't. Apparently Vince has made changes to the WM main event so you never know what could happen.

  • Man U Mark posted 18 days ago

    Man U Mark

    bcuz youre kind.

  • Roman's booking has been better than I thought it would be. I really thought it was going to be horrible. It's great that he's getting better fan treatment than Batista last year.