Charizard, Son of Goku n Kim Possible, dad of Simba

Charizard, Son of Goku n Kim Possible, dad of Simba

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  • Lil Wayne's stunt double posted 5 hours ago

    Lil Wayne's stunt double

    Get a real job you cartoon wannable.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 1 day ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    I'm sorry I've been AWOL man =/. This week SUCKS for me until Thursday night.

  • Lil Wayne's Son posted 1 day ago

    Lil Wayne's Son


  • You are the reason for LeeXD,FWP Jr. Leaving. Feel ashamed of yourself.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 3 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    What did you think of HIAC?

  • Randy Norton posted 4 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Yes. That match will be Awesome.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 4 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Youtube... gotta love it. The Avengers wouldn't want the services of
    Batman. For starters... the stable already deals with a grumpy, a-hole
    Nick Fury. Shield is an intelligence agency anticipating wars, corruption
    and unusual events. Batman serves no purpose... except replacing
    Hawkeye and knowing what they don't... which is very unlikely considering
    Shield's track record of figuring things out and manipulating outcomes.
    Just to make a long story short... The Dark Knight is simply too dark
    for Marvel's Avengers.

  • Damn. So many people leaving :(

  • Real NBA Fan posted 4 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    His shied broke...

  • Lil Wayne posted 4 days ago

    Lil Wayne