Marley Cardona

Marley Cardona


Being a Native Minnesotan, I'm Quite Accustomed to Heartbreak and Dissapointment Regarding My Beloved Purple. My Love-Hate Relationship with The Vikings Started Off When I Was Just A Wee Lad, Prancing Around My House in My Chris Hovan/Cris Carter/Randy Moss/John Randle Jersey. At Just 5 Years old, My First Memory of The Purple People Eaters is The Forever Infamous (To Us Vikings Fans) Gary Anderson and His "Miss Heard Round The World" (To Steal From Ace Ventura). Since Than, My Pro Football Watching Career has Been a Blur of Mistakes, Draft Busts, 41-0, Love Boats, Knee Injuries, Stop-Gap Veterans, Terrible Refereeing and More. 2009 Really Was the Year Of The Vikings. Brett Favre, The Man I Had Hated To See Win, But Loved To See Play, Was Finally, FINALLY, on My Team. My Team, Through Schism and Ball Handling Issues, Was In The NFCCG. Not Since My Boyhood had I Been So Ecstatic about The Purple. And Than, One Fumble After Another, They Screwed Themselves. My Love for Them Still Burns Strong, but Only Time Will Tell If I'll Allow Myself to Be As Emotionally Invested as I Was.

However, My Real Passion, Has Always Been Professional Wrestling. As a 4 Year Old Boy, I Learned How to Walk, Talk, Wrestle and Make The Facial Expressions of one Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Monday Night Wars, Were one of The Most Important Entertainment Aspects of My Childhood. Every Saturday Morning, I'd Sit With My Father and Watch his Recordings of RAW and Nitro. Seeing My Hero: Stone Cold Steve Austin Fight Through Every Challenger, Defeat Anyone Vince McMahon set Him Up Against, Made Me Believe: That Will Be Me One Day. Watching The nWo rule Nitro, DX, Kane v Taker, Inferno Matches, Hell In The Cell, Mick Foley being Thrown onto the Announcer Table, Having Owen Hart Die on My Birthday, Seeing Edge and Christian as Members of The Brood, TLC, Yelling "Devon Get The Table," WCW Invasion, Rock v Hogan, Rock v Austin, "If Ya SMELLLLLLL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-LAO What The Rock Is Cooking," "What?," "Rest...In...Peace..," Sting, Goldberg, Flair, Hogan, Hall, Savage, Eddie, Finger Poke of Doom, etc. That Was My Boyhood. Than After Eddie Guerrero Died, I Lost Interest. I Had Lost another Favorite. John Cena Came Along. I Hated Him. I Hated Orton. I Hated that The Rock Was Gone. Austin Was Gone. And Than, After 3-4 Years of Ignoring it All Together, A Man, Named Jay "Black Machismo" Lethal gave Me Hope. He Is My hope for The Future of Pro Wrestling. Him and Flair brought Me back To Wrestling. Now, I Cant Get Enough.

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