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  • Notre Dame Irish posted 540 days ago

    Notre Dame Irish

    I heard you are not going write anymore! You were my favorite B/R writer! I am sorry to hear you are leaving. Best of luck! Come back when you've had enough of a break but come back!

  • Irish Rock posted 567 days ago

    Irish Rock

    You will be missed. Enjoyed your articles. Good luck with life!

  • Chris O'Reilly posted 568 days ago

    Chris O'Reilly

    Best of luck Mike. I enjoyed your work, and you’re in season articles will be missed.

  • Dan Stockrahm posted 568 days ago

    Dan Stockrahm

    I just moved my daughter out to DC this weekend - this was just a load and unload trip, next time I can sit down I will try to look you up.

    Wish you the best and keep the faith

  • Matthew Elson posted 573 days ago

    Matthew Elson

    I will miss your writings come season time. B/R is gonna lose some readers probably.

  • Eric posted 574 days ago


    Good luck with your future endeavors Mike.

  • Michael Case posted 577 days ago

    Michael Case

    Hey Mike I just saw they removed you from the front page and then read that you're calling it quits. I'm sorry to see you go as your articles have been very good and inspired some great discussions.

    However I certainly understand that family and getting a paycheck come first. Best wishes and I hope to see an article or two from you in the future.

  • willie mcgraw posted 586 days ago

    willie mcgraw

    hey bud i really think you are one of the better writers on the br notre dame site i would just like to see some new stuff from you. its like you fell off the face of the map. how about a article of notre dames incomming class and who you think they finish with.... just an idea. anyways i would love to read some new stuff from you and as always go irish

  • Ben Stolt posted 589 days ago

    Ben Stolt

    I love it when fake people, who don't even have enough self respect to use their real name when posting comments, talk smack.

    January was a bad month for ND football. Blowout in title game, Kelly flirts with NFL, Manti was scammed... Hopefully it stays in January and in February we continue our march toward the top. Couple of student-athletes on the board that would really help that along.

    Looking forward to your next article.

  • The48415Buckeye2 The48415Buckeye2 posted 592 days ago

    The48415Buckeye2 The48415Buckeye2

    Well adjusted? Is your wife well adjusted? I am comfortable with anything thrown my way. First you "don't know why" anyone would get personal with you and turn around and try to insult someone. Are YOU well adjusted mikey? It borders on amusing that you mikey, would ask if someone is well adjusted.
    mikey, people have seen through your stupidity and childish behavior. Your "writing" skills prove you are not a professional and your responses prove you ARE a CHILD in a mans body. Do some self-inventory, after all you are starting with so little to work with, an inventory shouldn't be that hard!
    Remember, mikey all anyone has to do is read some of your "articles" to get a glimpse of how your cognitive functions work. I find it amusing that you, mikey, try to infer that someone else needs "fixing" when the samples you provide tells a story about you thats interesting to say the least. Try to not be a HYPOCRITE, maybe then you won't feel insecure about the comments of others. As far as anonymity that the internet provides all you have to do is ask and I will happily provide you with some contact info and we can proceed from there. Oh, by the way, if you think this is hostile, then you are in for a treat!