Bryan is originally from Los Angeles, Calif. and is now a student at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. His work has been featured on The Huffington Post, ESPN Denver, Yahoo! Sports, The Oregonian, The Register Guard, Tumblr Sports, KVAL News and as the lead story on BleacherReport.com. Upon his completion of the Bleacher Report Writing Academy, he began writing as a Featured Columnist for the Oregon Ducks and New York Mets. He was also hired on to be a member of the Bleacher Report TNT Events Coverage Team. He currently serves as the Media Director and Vice President for the Oregon Pit Crew, which is the student section at the University of Oregon. For the Oregon Pit Crew, he is the founder and editor-in-chief for the student section sports media blog, uopitcrew.com, which was awarded Top College Athletics Blog in 2013. Bryan is currently an Arts & Culture intern at the Eugene Weekly and hosts “The Everything Bagel” on KWVA University of Oregon Campus radio on 88.1 FM in Eugene, Ore. every Monday from 2-3PM PST. His interests include playoff beards, punk music and modern art. Click here to

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  • Stan York posted 705 days ago

    Stan York

    Bryan, in your June 17, 2012 opinion piece, you said, "It’s about time that other fans begin to hop on this bandwagon before they start to look foolish, cheering on a demoralized Woods who's no longer able to play at the same level that he thinks he was once at."

    If you want to confuse yourself with the facts, please feel free to Google Tiger's name and you will learn that he just regained the Number 1 ranking for the 11th time today.

    At the end of your June 17, 2012 opinion piece, you said, "I’ll end by saying this: Woods is the most talented player in the game right now, and he may prove me wrong. If so, I’d be happy to admit my mistake and treat him with even more respect because of it.But I don’t think I’m wrong."

    Hey Bryan, you were wrong. Let's hear the admission.


  • Ron Kalb posted 913 days ago

    Ron Kalb

    Congrads on your first 500,000 reads!!!!

  • Red Shannon posted 941 days ago

    Red Shannon

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Bryan. Its not insignificant to me and I appreciate each and every one.

    I see you are (or were) going to Oregon. Good for you! Its a good place to be a sports fan these days.

  • Kyle Brown posted 1147 days ago

    Kyle Brown

    Look who's got 100,000 reads? Congrats man

  • Amber Lee posted 1286 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey Bryan! Thanks for becoming my fan on here, I really appreciate it :) I'm a Mario Lemieux girl of course, but we can put aside our difference.

  • Joe Russomanno posted 1290 days ago

    Joe Russomanno

    Hey bryan I think you showed a lot cajones saying that about Peyton Manning and Michael Vick, and you know what, GOOD FOR YOU!
    It's so easy for everyone to say how great they were. I liked your breakdown and completely agree with what you said. Keep your chin up kid, don't let the trolls get you down!

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