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  • Blake Landseadal posted 1837 days ago

    Blake Landseadal

    hey Shane hope you still get on BR. I really hope you will in the future write more articles about the Rams. I always found your writing appealing and awesome.

  • Douglas Nicholas posted 1885 days ago

    Douglas Nicholas

    Hey Shane. How are you doing? Haven't heard anything from you, for some time. Are you, OK. I hope, everything is going good for you. I do miss, your comments and interesting thoughts on everything Rams. Please feel free to contact me at douglasnicholas4@gmail.com or douglasnicholas4@live.com.. What anyone says. Your thoughts and interesting comments, were always insightfull and something to look forward to. Also, you are in my mind the best person covering the Rams. What happened? I don't care, if anyone else has issue's about you. You are good! Sincerely, Douglas Nicholas ala dan4rams.

  • zac Klausman posted 1942 days ago

    zac Klausman

    Yo Bro its been too long since I've seen you write an article hope everything is well bro and if you started writing elsewhere please let me know thx bro!

  • C. Fitz posted 1949 days ago

    C. Fitz

    Are you done writing for B/R Shane?

  • West Ford posted 2044 days ago

    West Ford

    I'd say we had a productive and frustrating weekend duking it out with those L.A. thinktanks.

  • todd goslin posted 2066 days ago

    todd goslin

    More of a question than a comment.

    We hear all the time about which players stock is rising or falling. Since GMs and head coaches are the only ones doing the picking on draft day and they're not talking, how do sports writers know who's stock is moving up or down the draft board?

    I mean these players haven't played since January. Have they somehow, secretly gotten better or worse since then?

    I know we had the NFL combines, but that was in February. What's changed since then?

    Oh and K. Pasley, it's Eric Dickerson. Faulk was great. Jackson is graet. But nobody who's played in the last 20 years is comparable to Dickerson. Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker, and Eric Dickerson were the most freakishly gisfted running backs I've ever seen.

  • Kevin Pasley posted 2070 days ago

    Kevin Pasley

    i have been reading your articals for awhile now and i respect your opions, so with that said i have a question for u... i was talking with another ram fan and we couldnt agree on who will have ment more to rams history in 20 years.... steven jackson, marshal faulk or eric dickerson....?? pretty tough but i think it is jackson because what his total number will amount to in rams history and because he has already played long for the rams than the other to first ballet hall a famers... if u could, i would love to see a side but ur anwser will work as well. by the way he said superman28(my 2nd favorite ram)

  • Kevin Pasley posted 2072 days ago

    Kevin Pasley

    alright 20,000 maybe a lil out there but i do think u could have competed with the all time rush title... haha

  • Blake Landseadal posted 2089 days ago

    Blake Landseadal

    Can you do a new 7 round mock draft? We got more picks!!! =)

  • Anthony Kang posted 2096 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    Not a problem, glad to help!