Bob Rarig

Bob Rarig


I grew up in the middle of nowhere in south central Pennsylvania. I developed sports allegiances based on who my dad rooted for. I was a Redskins fan because my dad lived in D.C. during their glory years and I was a Phillies fan because my Dad grew up north of Philly. I am still a diehard Phillies fan but I am now a Bengals fan (long story...well, not a short story at least). I am also a big PSU and U of M fan (see first article). I have never really cared about Hockey or basketball but I root for the flyers and sixers if they're playing.

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  • Bleacher Report posted 3354 days ago

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    Hey man, I enjoyed your article on being a UM and PSU fan/grad. I'm going to the UM/PSU game next weekend with three other Michigan fans (well actually my wife is Notre Dame, but for this game she'll root for Michigan) and wondering if you have any suggestions for us. Is there anything on/around campus that we should check out (famous places to eat, etc)? Also, is there a good place to tailgate that won't be all Penn State fans? I don't mind being around PSU fans, but it would be nice to be around some UM fans as well. This is the second-to-last Big Ten stadium I will have been too (only missing Minnesota), and we just want to experience the best of what Penn State has to offer. Thanks.