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  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1199 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    Hey Pavlos, I love your videos. I should be able to include the Knicks Evolution in an upcoming article. I'll let you know when it's published.

  • Sunil Ram posted 2292 days ago

    Sunil Ram

    Excellent mix Pavlos!

    It's truly sad that it's come to this. I feel horrible for all the people who are really hurt by this: the ticket concession, food and drink concession, security, local bars/hotels/restaurants, etc. Maybe I'm biased, but I truly feel like the blame should go 90/10 owners to players. Stars and fans make the leagues, but many of these owners appear greedy and only concerned with making a profit. I love how David Stern wants to initiate a competitive balance when he probably knows there are at least 6-8 owners (Donald Sterling being the most notable) who don't care about winning even if they do have a chance to.

    We can only wait and see what happens. Let's hope it's over soon and we can get some 2011-2012 season mixes!

  • Sunil Ram posted 2327 days ago

    Sunil Ram

    Pavlos, just got a chance to check out your video mixes and all I can say is wow! No exaggeration involved when I say that your mixes are better than anything the Knicks or MSG have put out (and it's not even close). If I'm James Dolan or whoever it is he's got running promotions/pre-game video stuff, I'm hiring you ASAP. "Now is the time" has got me really pumped, now let's just hope the season starts on time or at least that there is a season. I appreciate the feedback about my articles and I'll keep churning at least a couple out a week. Keep on making those video mixes! You got some real talent with it.

  • Sunil Ram posted 2336 days ago

    Sunil Ram

    Pavlos, are your video mixes on a specific website? I'd definitely like to see what you've put together. Thanks for the positive feedback. Hopefully the lockout will soon commence because I'd hate to see next season cancelled, especially with the Knicks' bright future.

  • Sunil Ram posted 2338 days ago

    Sunil Ram

    Thanks for the suggestion Pavlos. I agree that the late-game strategies of D'Antoni haven't been too effective or complex, especially for someone like you said has the moniker of an offensive genius. To me, it's still hard to know from afar if Carmelo ignored his plans last postseason bcuz D'Antoni said he wanted to get the ball to Stoudemire but Melo somewhat hogged the ball and KG sealed off STAT pretty well. Still, it could definitely be an added slide but I couldn't take credit for your suggestion and valid points.