riss b.

riss b.


Italian born and bred, living in Toronto

My favorite fighters who I will defend blindly:

Anderson Silva, Alistair Overeem, Bas Rutten, Ben Askren, Charlie Brenneman, Cheick Kongo, Dan Henderson, Fedor Emelianenko, Frankie Edgar, GSP, Jon Fitch, Korean Zombie, Mark Coleman, Mark Hunt, Roy Nelson, Tito Ortiz

fighters I hate for no quantifiable reason:

Anthony Pettis, Alex Caceras, Melvin Guillard, Ian McCall, Rampage, Ronda Rousey, Meisha Tate, Brian Caraway, Rory MacDonald

Mayweather would ruin Pacquiao. deal with it

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  • Matt Fitzgerald posted 1950 days ago

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Well it should be an interesting game! It's pretty much do-or-die for both teams, but of course I'll be pulling for Cleveland. I hope they don't let me down either!

  • Corey Howie posted 1989 days ago

    Corey Howie

    Well idk what kind of aussies or kiwis u talk to, but the ones i grew up with treated me like there brother and u do reliese when its cricket or rugby union there actually not being serious.. its all just a bit of fun and makes the sport/game more intresting

  • Dan Renfro posted 2035 days ago

    Dan Renfro

    Thanks for the add Ross! Once Euro 2012 is done, you can be sure I will have Chelsea articles more regularly.

  • Kevin Sampson posted 2040 days ago

    Kevin Sampson

    Thanks for the compliments. These bulletin boards ... you can go a long time without checking them since people tend to forget they're even here.

  • lee townsend posted 2064 days ago

    lee townsend

    Hi Just looked at your profile,as i thought you were from London England,,
    and you are a Canadian!!! haaaa crazy,,,Im in Windsor Ontario

  • Matt Saccaro posted 2079 days ago

    Matt Saccaro

    Thanks for becoming a fan, dude!

  • Amber Lee posted 2104 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Haha well we aren't going to agree about Pittsburgh sports, which is fine as long as we agree that Pittsburgh itself is glorious :) I've been desperately homesick recently and would love to move back—but it looks like NYC might be in my future instead :-/

  • Amber Lee posted 2106 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there Ross, thanks so much for fanning me on here—I really appreciate the support. I also really appreciate the fact that you're a Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning fan—two of my favorite athletes! <3