Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence


I'm Adam Lawrence from Beaufort, NC, I'm 30 years old, 6'1" 230lbs. I'm a self-proclaimed sports expert. I've been in love with sports for 25 years and can be described as obsessed with my Lakers. I've only missed about 15 games of Kobe Bryant's entire career and enjoyed over 90% of Michael Jordan's career. I was a great athlete growing up basketball, baseball, and an MVP football player so I understand the games inside and out. I'm currently a student in a Respiratory Therapy program because I was forced to retire from my career as a Yacht manager/painter due to a neurological disease in my left should.

My dream job has always been sports journalist/broadcaster/radio host because I'm so passionate about all sports and never find myself short on ideas or opinions. The most important duty for a sports writer is to maintain a level of objectivity superseding that of a typical fan. I watch over 16 hours of sports per day including shows like "Mike and Mike in the Morning", "The Herd with Colin Cowherd", "The Dan Patrick Show", "First Take", "PTI", "Jim Rome is Burning", "Around the Horn", "Sportsnation", "Sportscenter", "The Sports Reporters", etc. I've had my email read on the air of Colin Cowherd's "The Herd" on 6 different occassions. I'm an intelligent and articulate individual who has always had an audacious ability to debate my point of view.

I believe in having well researched strong opinions that inspire a reaction of either disagreement or agreement, indifference isn't an option. I tend to think outside of the box and have no fear of being wrong about a prediction or forsight that I strongly believe in. My overall objective as a sportswriter is to evoke thoughts within my readers, you can't change everyone's mind, but if you can make them think and inspire a reaction of any kind you've done your job.

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