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im from the bay area california but believe me i bleed green. my pa (grandpa) loved the celtics. my pa passed when i was 1 but stories of him biting his nails right in front of the t.v during every celtics game sticks with me. his hero was havlicek, my father's was bird, and i'm proud to say mine is paul pierce. from the irish side in my family it is breed in to be a celtics and notre dame fan.

I'm also a huge boxing fan. i prefer to watch technical boxers, rather than brawlers. truthfully i don't value brawlers much, however i do think the boxers vs punchers match ups are intriguing.
imo the greatest pugilist to ever lace em up were sugar ray robinson, joe luis, cashus clay( i like him better during this period), pernell "sweet p" whitaker, and mayweather jr. As sacrilegious as it sounds( regarding the past greats) I feel whitaker and and mayweather jr. display the best skill set ever seen in boxing.

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  • Breana Pitts posted 1767 days ago

    Breana Pitts

    I enjoyed reading your situational lineups. You brought up some interesting points.

    Brooklyn: I agree with everything. Huge game for KG because the Nets simply don't have anyone who can guard him.

    Philly: Bynum is a superior center against KG, so it would be smart for Doc to play him at the 4. I probably wouldn't match up Melo against Bynum due to his inexperience (at least not yet). Great point about Collins getting Bynum into foul trouble. The big men were determine the outcome of this game, especially because the Sixers' bench doesn't have the depth of the Celtics'. Nick Young might cause some problems for Jason Terry though.

    Miami: I agree 100% about Green guarding LeBron. He needs to relieve some of the pressure off of Pierce. The great thing about the Celtics this year is their versatility. Between Bradley and Dooling, Wade should be locked down. Bradley did an excellent job guarding Wade last season. However, I also think that Miami has a lot of depth as well. Ultimately, Boston must steadily have fresh, tough defenders on the floor to contain LeBron in order to win.

    Overall, I really liked your situational lineups, Casey. Great insight! Have you considered writing for Bleacher Report?

  • Breana Pitts posted 1780 days ago

    Breana Pitts

    Your comment made my day! There's definitely something special about Celtics fans. Some people will never understand.

    Thank you again!

  • Breana Pitts posted 1785 days ago

    Breana Pitts

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Casey! I really appreciate it :)

  • Brian posted 1922 days ago


    celtics could always trade up for a higher spot with their 2 first rounders but this draft is packed- there are tons of sleepers that go unnoticed. melo would be safe bet- hes similar to perkins. in college ball he doesnt contribute much but he makes a huge impact, but he has talent. i still like draymond green hes slick and versatile but at the same time plays big and grabs those boards.

    i dont think celtics would need another point guard- although kabongo is definitely interesting te celtics have rondo and the emergence of bradley, not to mention prospect etwaun moore and we know what he can do. however, wroten jr is GOOD- he can actually shoot pretty well his shots just dont fall for some reason. i would want to see boston take wroten jr if they could also- he has ray allen size but classic pg quickness and vision

  • casey plunkett posted 1922 days ago

    casey plunkett

  • Brian posted 1927 days ago


    sorry for the late reply. boston has been on a roll lately, yet i cant help but see the negatives...i still do not think boston is capable of winning a 7 game series against to your former choice of ross and melo, boston and clippers are both rolling. it looks like they wont even get a chance to draft them because htey are in the 20s now.

  • casey plunkett posted 1929 days ago

    casey plunkett

  • Karthik Tadisina posted 1930 days ago

    Karthik Tadisina


    I will get some time to look at your article in detail and can give you some pointers.

    I was wondering could you pass on your e-mail address to me? I can give you my number and I can try to walk you through the steps to publish.

    Please do let me know.

  • Karthik Tadisina posted 1931 days ago

    Karthik Tadisina


    This is some good stuff that would do well on Bleacher Report!

    Some spelling and grammar cleanup is needed (this is quite common for every person that wants to publish on B/R).

    I was wondering if you could send me your write-up via e-mail as an attachment?

    I will send you my e-mail ID as well.

  • Abacus Reveals posted 1932 days ago

    Abacus Reveals

    Just finished watching last night's game.
    When they execute well, their play is kinda old-school and fun (for me, anyway, I enjoy women's hoop for similar reasons) to watch.
    Correct me if I'm mistaken, but the athleticism of Pierce and KG noticeably wanes with fatigue. In the 3rd quarter last night, balls Garnett seemed to be snatching in the 1st half, he was barely touching. And if that's a consequence of playing back-to-back, we may see a lot of it for nine more games.

    About Ainge (and perhaps by extension about Doc), I feel you've been inclined to give then too much credit. While the Bass acquisition was a steal Red himself would have been proud of, and Bradley blossoming into a viable NBA player, little was done to address a self-inflicted hole at a key spot. 10 or 15 minutes of heady bench play a night from O'Neal would be wonderful, but the starting center on a contender? Big Greg's energy off the bench and sound play are pros, but the kid's a fouling machine. And now the UCLA kid plays while your #1 pick rots on the bench? I don't understand all the logistics of it all like you do, casey, and I realize he didn't compromise the future for a quick fix, but that core group has needed one piece (David West? I'm not sure) to make a title run.

    I just hope their "big plan" doesn't involve Dwight Howard -- he's been showing a lot of true colors these days, and none of 'em look Celtic green to me.