I recently earned my Bachelors degree from Ohio University in Sports Industry and Health. I enjoy most sports, especially the NFL and NBA. I play racquetball and enjoy the outdoors.

I completed Bleacher Report's sports writing internship in December 2011.

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  • Tom Firme posted 1885 days ago

    Tom Firme

    I understand. That often happens.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 1906 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Cody! I always enjoy your articles. There are a lot of rules to follow, so we're all bound to forget one or two at times!

  • Sammy Leach posted 1906 days ago

    Sammy Leach

    Glad to help out, great article.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 1907 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    Hey Cody, I gave your article another look (another editor had gotten to it) and I touched up a couple of things I noticed. With most of the sports converging this time of year, it's just taking a while to get through some of them, there was nothing wrong with your tags! Sorry about the wait


  • Tom Firme posted 1920 days ago

    Tom Firme

    I just edited the list. I'm glad I could help.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 1920 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Cody. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well.

  • Nick Sellers posted 1929 days ago

    Nick  Sellers

    Not a problem. Keep up the good work!

  • Erin Cummins posted 1942 days ago

    Erin Cummins

    You're very welcome! Great article (with the exception of that idiot who commented and tried saying the Jets are a "good" team, lol)! GO STEELERS!

  • Nicole Gordon posted 1946 days ago

    Nicole Gordon


    Great article. Don't worry it got fixed, not deleted.

  • Nicole Gordon posted 1966 days ago

    Nicole Gordon

    You are welcome. Great work!