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  • Eddie Walters posted 2321 days ago

    Eddie Walters

    Oh and I'm a big LSU fan every year when they play Florida.

    After being on the losing end to both teams, I learned that LSU fans are 1000000xxxxx better fans then Gator fans.

  • Eddie Walters posted 2321 days ago

    Eddie Walters

    Sorry I didn't take it as joking, I let it get to me.

    It was more the other guy that was getting under my skin, and I hate when people question how i'm a Buckeye fan when I didn't go there—but it is what it is, comes with the territory I guess.

    Thanks for the clarification and feedback on the article my man.

  • Eddie Walters posted 2325 days ago

    Eddie Walters

    Here are the numbers for 2007's enrolled freshman class

    52% of applicants were accepted

    Percent in the top tenth of their high school class: 57%
    Percent in the top quarter of their high school class: 91%

    Middle 50% range on the ACT 26-30
    27% of the class scored 30+
    72% of the class scored 26+
    The Dispatch estimated that the average ACT was slightly over 27, but I received an e-mail stating it was slightly over 28. Not sure which was correct, but given a lot of anecdotal evidence of people being rejected with 26s and 27s, I'd assume my e-mail was closer to the truth.

    I haven't heard the number for 2007, but in 2006 out of 6120 freshman, 290 (or roughly one in twenty) had been valedictorian of their high school class.

    AP classes are important. Ohio State also puts a great deal of stock in being a first generation 4 year college student, so if your parents or grandparents never received a 4 year undergraduate degree, make sure that admissions is made aware of this. It won't overcome a bad application, but it can be enough if you're on the fence. If you're out-of-state, admissions does consider geographic diversity but not to an extreme.

    That was 2007 It's even harder now, I'm not sure where you get off thinking it's easy to get into.

  • Eddie Walters posted 2325 days ago

    Eddie Walters's_gpa_requirement