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  • Amy Dittoe posted 1908 days ago

    Amy Dittoe

    Really appreciate all the support! All the (not always nice) critique can be tough on a gal, but you are always completely honest and positive. I love that you can correct me (which I appreciate) without being nasty (which I appreciate even more.) You're the best!

  • George Anderson posted 2221 days ago

    George Anderson

    just read your "debate" with Leo about Luck, you shouldn't have bothered after the fourth or fifth comment, he doesn't get it. I understand what you said, though, and am a firm believer in hedging your bets.

  • Chris Lane posted 2302 days ago

    Chris Lane

    If you would rather talk about the "Buckeyes and sanctions" situation privately, I understand. Really though, I would like for you to post to me or everyone on the comment page. My hope is that non-Buckeye fans can see "our side" of the situation. I really hate it that TOSU is hated so much that I was wishing ND fans a great 3 seasons in a row so the country would go back to hating them instead of Ohio State. I don't mind the Bucks being hated for being good but it does make it hard to have a conversation with anyone but Bucks fans as the HATE always becomes an issue.

    I have seen you around a bunch and we have never really talked. I am Chris...Hey hey...and it is very nice to meet you. If you didn't read my bio page, I am 38 years old, was born in Dayton, Ohio, and I have lived in the Central Florida area since I was 7 years old. I am only a Buckeye fan when it comes to Ohio teams, but I watch almost every kind of sport there is...even NASCAR. Take care, bud. It has been nice talking with you, brother. See you around.

  • Duan Carter posted 2317 days ago

    Duan Carter

    NE - 'preciate the clarity from you - I'm not trying to pick fights with fellow Browns fans, I rather save that for Squeelers and Stakin' Ratbirds.

    Theres a way to discuss our difficulties with the team without insulting each other. Good lookin' out.

  • J. Matthew nespoli posted 2380 days ago

    J. Matthew nespoli

    settle down, Mr. Luke Johnson.

  • Luke Johnson posted 2387 days ago

    Luke Johnson

    I don't have to explain myself to you. I am an accomplished writer on many different levels with a wife who is a Master's level English Teacher. Trust me, she shreds my work more than you can know. Nothing gets past her. I then get a 2nd edit on here. So my work is like a piece of beef marinating for hours before finally being eaten. Let's just be grown men and agree to disagree. So what if you don't like my writing style. That is fine. None of us can make every single person happy all the time. I just have to be me and you, be you. Sound good?

  • Luke Johnson posted 2387 days ago

    Luke Johnson

    "bile-laden invective..?" lmfao...and you think you have the right to roll through mocking peoples work? That phrase makes absolutely the least sense out of everything we've discussed. The reality is that you NE are a bully. You're clearly jealous of those who actually can write (considering you've done a fat zero) and for that, I feel sorry for you. Good riddance.

  • Luke Johnson posted 2390 days ago

    Luke Johnson

    I recommend you begin by writing some articles of your own before you tip tap around like some God administering vapid justice to those who actually can man up and write. I also recommend you research things before you write them, your cred went down the drain. Look up placate, study the word, then come back and tell me how placate does not work in that phrase. Sounds to me like you will spin anything out of your opinional garbage can just to look more intelligent. Peace.