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  • ghod larsson posted 191 days ago

    ghod larsson

    "However, having the chance to play alongside one of the best players in European football over the past 10 years would evidently inspire the youngster."

    evidently you say? based on what? to claim something is evident, you need to have proof (evidence), which in this case would come in the form of a quote from berrardi. i believe the word you're looking for is something along the lines of "surely" or "likely" or something to that extent

  • Brittany Cruz posted 333 days ago

    Brittany Cruz

    My pleasure! The article was well written. Actually, I meant to add a thank you at the end for you contribution, but I got cut off by accident. So, thank you for contributing, Jack, it's always appreciated!

  • Brian Krikorian posted 343 days ago

    Brian Krikorian

    Hey, Jack. I edited the incomplete Carlos Tevez article. I wanted to correct something I wrote in my feedback there: Rumors actually need to be cited all the time (with a few exceptions). It's just general news past 24 hours that doesn't need to be cited. Sorry about that!

  • Lado Gamkrelidze posted 427 days ago

    Lado Gamkrelidze

    Hello Jack. i am bog fan of italian football and it is nice for me that you are also very big fan of italy. good luck bro :)

  • Susan Turek posted 590 days ago

    Susan Turek

    The spacing kept changing on me too the first few times, so no worries! You aren't the only one.

  • Brian Krikorian posted 595 days ago

    Brian Krikorian

    Hi Jack, sorry for the late reply. According to B/R, this is how you create and em-dash: SHIFT-OPTION-(dash) on a Mac keyboard. As far as the article goes, I just meant that your Milan sections seemed to be more informative and engaging; it's not so much the number of slides apportioned to each team.


  • Corey Hinkle posted 611 days ago

    Corey Hinkle

    Hi Jack, that was how you spelled materialize, didn't even dawn on me to look at its British spelling, sorry about that.

  • Hemant Dua posted 684 days ago

    Hemant Dua

    Hey man,
    Here's my take on the Falcao rumors flying around:
    Do drop by. Thanks

  • William Chin posted 686 days ago

    William Chin

    I don't want to comment in the article you replied to me as the comment section there is over-crowded already.

    I don't think Powell and Cleverley can't handle the pressure to perform. The former proved to be a big-game player for Crewe, and Cleverley had enough game time last year despite his injuries to know what it's like to play for Man Utd. Sometimes I think Fergie is just putting too much emphasis on technical players in his team selection. When against burly teams, you need a few tough guys (or at least those with steam engine lungs) to dig deep in midfield.

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 689 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Hey Jack, really like your work. I know you have a ton of knowlegde on Serie A, would love to get some feedback sometimes! Cheers!

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