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I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Sports Journalism and am currently interning with the sports team.

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  • B Mac posted 3074 days ago

    B Mac

    So what do you think for Phillies prospect Jason Donald? I wrote a new article on him. Let me know what you think.


  • Jennifer Johnson posted 3137 days ago

    Jennifer  Johnson

    You have the crazy fans, besides the Raider Nation or Cameron Crazies of Duke college basketball.

    I was glad the Phillies beat out the Rays. Both were underdogs type stories anyhow.

    Thanks for editing my article.

    Hockey people, wake up and smell the ice. :)

  • John Falcetta posted 3269 days ago

    John Falcetta

    BTW congrats on The Phillies I have never been to Philly but love the teams beacuase I love Philly fans. You guys are great.

  • John Falcetta posted 3269 days ago

    John Falcetta

    Thanks for the edits, much better I just swithced the title.
    The whole "Memo to" is my lame little tag line I guess. I use it for my pieces.
    Thanks again Have a good one