Jeffrey Jimenez


I'm a true Californian and say what you will about Californians typically being "fair weather" fans, I have an undying loyalty to the two teams I've followed since my days as a tot- the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Lakers (true child of the 80's you say!?). Although my biases may peek themselves out in my writing from time to time, I would like to think that my law school education taught me how to objectively analyze things and communicate them in a persuasive way. My love for both football and basketball overlaps with ultimately my first love- video games -as you'll probably see me lurking the Playstation 3 network as "only1jeep" for some friendly competition. I've chosen to cover basketball, because frankly my jump shot and my quickness on the court has substantially waned into mediocrity and I'd prefer to see my love for the sport manifest itself in something I've become pretty good at.

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