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  • Joshua Skaar posted 3222 days ago

    Joshua Skaar

    Thanks for the vote of objectivity. I try.

    One of the main reasons is because (as can be seen in my profile) my two biggest influences in the field are the very objective, and hilarious Terry Bores and Dan Bernstein from AM 670 WSCR Chicago.

  • Bob Warja posted 3392 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Hey, welcome to BR Waldo. Great comments, glad to see soem healthy debate going. I see you're a Grossman fan and hey, that's cool. It actually wouldn't surprise me if he leaves the Bears and has a productive season for somebody else, with good receivers, a good running game and a solid offensive line blocking for him maybe. Anyway, if you need any help wiht anyhting, let me knpw. I can be erached via my bulletin board or at