Rodrigo Bravo

Rodrigo Bravo


I'm Rodrigo. I'm in a precarious position where I'm a die hard Spurs fan and reside primarily in the home of one of the team's biggest rivals: the Houston Rockets. Hey, it could be worse; I could've had the misfortune to live in Dallas. I'm from San Antonio, went to school at U of H, moved back to SA, and now reside once again in H Town. I think I just need to settle down in Flatonia and write for the Bulldogs and stay somewhat equidistant from both cities.

3 things I will point out...

- I will cloud my views with a silver and black lens. Yes, thats right, I am a Spurs fan. You'll be able to read through my sarcasm and witty remarks and obtain rational, objective nuggets here and there. I'm not the type to just say things without backup. I am a good debater and have my opinion and support. However, I also love to poke fun at dumb shit I see from time to time and its' usually at the expense of anti-Spurs fans, namely Phoenix. and Dallas. Ugh. Dallas. Just saying the name of Texas' armpit makes me wanna go outside for some of that fresh, smoggy, acidic Houston air.

- I don't hate Houston at all, or the Rockets. I have gone to several Rockets games in the past, and I've watched them stumble through various short lived and ill fated playoff runs. I just generally dislike the myriad of bell weather fans who suddenly show disdain when Tracy's back acts up or suddenly show love whenever Yao makes a pivot move. I am a fan, but I'm also a realistic fan.

- I make no claim to be an expert. I won't provide you with Tony Parkers' assist to turnover ratio on games immediately after a showing of Desperate Housewives vs games after a showing of said show but on syndication. I do like to support my arguments but not in a Eric Seidman kinda way. F that, I would be bored, and so would you...

- I am also a reluctant fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. I love the Cowboys but hate Dallas so it can be amusing at times. My best friend works w/ the Cowboys (no, I won't reveal anything more) so I'm happy when the team wins but saddened when I see all the Dallas folk celebrating. The Houston Texans are a young franchise but have some real bell weather fans here in the H. I certainly want to root for them but the fact that mediocrity is the norm isn't that much of an incentive. I was wholeheartdely an Oilers fan but when they left, this band of misfits came in and, well, Houston hasn't been the same since.

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