Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown

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Born in Dundee, Scotland. Raised in Chingola, Zambia. Currently living in S/E England.
My pets include two Labrador Retrievers (recently lost my Rottweiler aged 6yrs), African Grey parrots(2); Cockatiel(1) ; they keep me sane. I find sport a great source of escapism from work (Financial Analyst - Freelance).
Places lived: Chingola; Zambia. Dundee; Scotland. Fort Augustus; Scotland. Edinburgh; Scotland. Farnborough; England.(Accent is probably all over the place...!!)
Crushes: Kate Winslet; Jenna Fischer; Natalie Portman; Sarah Wayne Callies.
Greatest Fear: Great White Sharks - we don't belong in the water with them....Should never have watched 'Jaws' as a kid!

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