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rabin maharjan

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First and foremost, I'm a football fan, from this - Asian corner. I follow Man Utd. Not because of their Glory but because Ole G. and Paul Scholes made me love the whole club. Long story cut short - I didn't know what Man Utd or even Premiere League was - however at 15 years of age - as regular stealing my way to living room to watch TV at mid night I scrolled through different channels and in some sports channel there he was 20le G. he looked very young like a child - may be looked just like me or my younger cousins. And again I saw Scholes -thought he and 20le were twin bros. I followed then ever since. I didn't watch them taking on Bayn Munich- it was in '99. My loss. Anyways, the ride from there was all bumpy and sometimes glorious. Seen and adored what Sir (Dr.) Alex offered - sometimes cursed him a lot. Other times - Bowed his great crafts. I came to know their history - good and bad all. Rivalries and records. So - now here I am, Loving the game and loving this club. However I do respect other teams as well - regardless of who and where they are - cause simply if they are not good enough - what is the use and worth of being the King of the game....

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