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Jeremy Worth

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I grew up in Orange County, California and was blessed with athletic ability and a sports minded father. My dad, having only one leg, was part of a world championship wheelchair basketball team and was very involved in organizing tournaments for all sorts of wheelchair sports and in coaching most all my teams as a youngster. I remember playing endlessly on the streets and in the park with the neighborhood kids back when Oregon Trail was a hot computer game and the Mario Bros. were just coming on the scene. I was voted "most athletic" in grade school and (here comes my Al Bundy impression) once scored 4 goals in one soccer game. I played just about every sport and was good at all of them. However, my athletic declination began late in my high school years when I realized 5'10" and about 150 lbs. wasn't gunna get me to the pro's in any of my favorite sports. Like most people, the increasing responsibility of growing older translated to less time on the fields and courts (and another 50 lbs). These days I've played in a couple softball leagues, try to get out on the golf course on occasion, and relish the rare opportunity to get involved in any kind of pick-up game. Mostly however, I just watch a lot of sports and manage my fantasy football teams to the best of my ability. All in all, sports has always been one of the most important things in my life, and watching them will always be a past time of mine. I just recently had my first child and can't wait to pass on my love for sports to my little boy!

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