Mark Kriegel

Mark Kriegel


Mark Kriegel is the national columnist for He is the author of two New York Times best sellers, Namath: A Biography and Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich, which Sports Illustrated called "the best sports biography of the year."

Mark's columns are re-published on Bleacher Report with the permission of His columns can be found at

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  • Stephan Rauschenberger posted 1489 days ago

    Stephan Rauschenberger

    Hi Mark!
    I'm a great fan of yours - you're kind of the stoic on NFL AM. I really liked your comment on NaVorro Bowman's pick. In my opinion, you can't categorize great plays. They will be great always on their own. So how come you categorized Manning's 51 compared to Marino's 48. I'm a big fan of Peyton and I think he is the greatest player ever in football, not considering Joe Montana. His coming back from that horrible injury is way past admirable if not sensational. His mark of 51 touch downs in '13 will always stand as one of the greatest achievements in football, on its own. Marino's 48 touch downs in '84 giving his relative youth and the fact that to my knowledge he had fewer games to achieve them will also stand as one of the greatest achievements in football, on its own. In order to compare them and, thus, to categorize them, you would have to adjust. Maybe its possible to adjust for the fewer games that Marino played. But how do you adjust for Manning's relative age to Marino's relative youth. Or Marino's relative health to Peyton's injury and come-back? We're almost getting in some sort of soccer mind set here, aren't we?
    Have a great day and, please, continue you're stoic remarks on NFL AM.

    Stephan Rauschenberger.

  • Alex Barkoff posted 1950 days ago

    Alex Barkoff

    Your NY Times story about Ray Mancini was an exquisite piece of work. I was held spellbound.
    Thank you
    New Orleans, LA

  • james lee posted 2414 days ago

    james lee

    I have read a lot of your articles and they are so good. You really do such a great job. I really liked your book on Pete Maravich. Keep up the good work.