My name is Randy Jobst and I am a diehard Philly sports fan despite living halfway across the country. When I was 8 I decided I didn't like any of midwestern professional sports teams, but there was something special about the Philly fan base that I wanted to be a part of. 17 years later I am still a diehard Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, 76ers fan despite still living nearly 1,000 miles away, though I have made the trip to see my beloved Eagles play. I don't think there is a more passionate fan base out there and it's an honor to both write about them and cheer for them. I am also a season ticket holder for the Drake Bulldogs Basketball Program and hope to see them take the next Butler-like step in the upcoming years.

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  • Randy Jobst posted 1668 days ago

    Randy Jobst

    Nice idea Thomas. Just don't do it during the week of a Dallas game.

  • Thomas Bugg posted 1669 days ago

    Thomas Bugg

    Hey Randy, I really like your article about the 10 Dallas Cowboys who Eagles fans love to hate. It gave me an idea- what about the rare Cowboys that Eagles fans respect, like Emmitt Smith, Moose Johnston, etc?

  • brianna coria posted 1709 days ago

    brianna coria

    no problem

  • Cam Da Man posted 2068 days ago

    Cam Da Man

    I do enjoy your posts and I am a fan. Thank you and keep writing. #GoBirds

  • Ezra Skobeloff posted 2075 days ago

    Ezra Skobeloff

    I've gotta say Randy, as a Philadelphian, I love and appreciate your bio!

  • Gayle M posted 2149 days ago

    Gayle M

    I read your posts on Bleacher Report all the time and really enjoy them. You're usually right on target. Thanks! However, you could use someone to do a quick grammar/spelling review before you post them. It would make your writing more effective. For example in "Reviewing the Eagles' 10 Biggest Scouting Combine Takeaways," you state, "...some were slower then previously though and couple players..." "Then" should be "than," and "though" should be "thought."

    You are my favorite on BR, but sometimes there are so many of these mistakes it's distracting. Just saying...

  • trinieagle posted 2185 days ago


    Randy I really would have liked to comment on your 5 reasons Juan Castillo should return column but CAN'T, great job on that piece.

  • G D posted 2338 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/817080-10-pro-athletes-that-would-make-good-ufc-fighters

  • Giorgio Di Franco posted 2339 days ago

    Giorgio Di Franco

    Hi, my name is Giorgio Di Franco. I am the senior editor of www.footballbook.ca which is a website where we talk about nothing but NFL football.
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    Like Bleacher Report footballbook.ca is a great way to reach your audience. We use vBulletin 4.14 which may be different from what you are used to on B/R but which is still an effective way to post your articles/videos.
    I am sending this invitation to you and a select group of writers because I have read your articles and although I haven’t always agreed with everything you’ve said, I’ve enjoyed them nonetheless and I feel they would contribute greatly to our audience.
    If you think you would be interested in joining our team please contact me:
    Giorgio Di Franco,
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  • Dan Israeli posted 2352 days ago

    Dan Israeli

    Hey Randy, when you get a chance, check out my new list on the "10 Most Intriguing Players" of the upcoming season.