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Brent Eubank

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I was never good at sports.

My article featuring the Indianapolis Colts' playoff hopes ( was featured on .

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  • Tim Cary posted 2187 days ago

    Tim Cary

    Thanks for the pick!

  • Kristin Hamlin posted 2207 days ago

    Kristin Hamlin

    The Favre Saga continues:

  • Bleacher Report posted 2293 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Please read my article about A-Rod's perfect brand new name.

    I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a comment.


  • Kristin Hamlin posted 2311 days ago

    Kristin Hamlin

    My first NFL Interview

  • Greg Fairbanks posted 2381 days ago

    Greg Fairbanks

    Here ya go - the debut article written by yours truly.

  • Tim Cary posted 2382 days ago

    Tim Cary

    Congratulations on CBS - that's awesome!

    (re: COACF...I'm assuming the lower number of hits is because the previous two weeks were linked on Sportsline and this one wasn't.)

    I just write them and make sure the "faithful" know they're up :) After that, I don't worry about it too much!

  • Kristin Hamlin posted 2383 days ago

    Kristin Hamlin

    This one is a bit more personal. Hope you enjoy :)

  • Ben Brown posted 2383 days ago

    Ben Brown

    i didn't tell you you suck.

  • Ben Brown posted 2384 days ago

    Ben Brown

    stick to writing about football. Baseballs not your thing.

  • Greg Fairbanks posted 2387 days ago

    Greg Fairbanks

    Maybe Tim and I should both cover the MSU-purdue game...From both sides of the spectrum...