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  • Love You posted 1142 days ago

    Love You

    Alex, I feel very badly that this exchange spiraled out of control. My apologies for inconsiderate verbiage. You are a talented young writer. I don't completely agree with what you wrote in your latest article, but I certainly did not need to express my disagreement in such a disagreeable manner. Truly, I'm not always that prickly, though probably am so more than necessary.

    By the way, I am not a sports writer and don't even aspire to be one. I filled out the "member" application just to see what the requirements were, not in order to submit actual articles. Once a member, apparently there is no way to opt out.

    So, do continue to improve as a writer (and, yes, watch the grammar and spelling) and think twice before saying something you may regret later. I will certainly do the same. Again, my apologies.

  • Love You posted 1145 days ago

    Love You

    And with all the mistakes in spelling and grammar revealed in your bio, your parents should help you concentrate a tad better on your education. Shame on them!

  • Love You posted 1146 days ago

    Love You

    Such opinions from a 17-year old! This entire series is a joke, isn't? Is it April Fools Day? If you are only 17, Alex, please go to your room. Shame on you!