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One of the biggest Redskins fans in the world!!!! Also a HUGE Wizards fan!! I love all DC sports!!!


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  • Will posted 725 days ago


    Redskins Fan:

    Enjoy the upcoming season.

    Good luck to you and the Redskins.

    With RGIII as your quarterback . . . you should be having lots of fun this year.

    Take care . . . and I will see you around.

  • Will posted 725 days ago


    Redskins Fan:

    By the way . . . I just disagreed with a b/r writer for trying to "dismiss" Kurt Cousins and the preseason game that he had against the Bears.

    All I did was make my own opinions known.

    And . . . I did it without trying to crap all over the guy.

    I happen to like Cousins.

    And . . . in my opinion . . . if given a chance on another team . . . he will succeed and have a decent career in the NFL.


  • Will posted 725 days ago



    If you and I . . . and all those "name-callers" . . . felt that strongly about b/r being some kind of fucking joke . . . I would suggest that we all start writing our own articles.

    Complainings gets you nowhere.

    Not unless you are willing to participate and provide something positive in return.

    Disagree by giving your own opinions and insight.

    By the way . . . I do believe that b/r is only supposed to be for entertainment and enjoyment purposes.

    It is not supposed to be taken so-o-o-o fucking serious that people start putting down those writers who are at least trying.

  • Will posted 725 days ago



    You basically asked me why I said what I did.

    And . . . if I am not mistaken . . . all I did was ask those people to provide us with their own rankings.

    How can you justify calling somebody an idiot for giving us their opinions when you are not willing to man-up with your own opinions ???

    That is bush.

    You know perfectly well what was being said about that writer . . . and the rude references that were also being made.

    Now . . . correct me if I am wrong . . . all I really said to those hidden "name-callers" was to come forward and provide us with their own rankings.

    Put up or shut up.

    In other words . . . do not waste our time calling someone names . . . show us what the hell you are so angered and worked-up about.

    Whoever he ranked at the bottom or near the bottom was going to get upset with the writer no matter what.

    By the way . . . even as a Bears fan . . . I made my opinion known that he ranked them too high as far as I was concerned.

    And . . . damn . . . I believe I did it without calling anyone a name.

    I will refrain from making any insinuations about you . . . but how old and how immature do you really think some of those punks were ???

    No need to answer.

    That was a rhetorical question.

    One last thing.

    You know . . . of course . . . b/r assigns the articles that they want their writers to give their opinions about.

    And . . . THAT. . . is all it is . . . their opinions.

    Without the writers. . . and their opinions . . . there would be no b/r.

    When was the last time you went to a sports bar and agreed with all of your friends about anything ???

  • Will posted 725 days ago



    One last thing.

    That is not all.

    I really would not have had a problem if you had just referred ro me as Matt Miller's fan boy.


    But . . . alright.

    What you said to me was I had his "COCK" so far down my throat you would be surprised if I was still alive.

    Big difference.

  • Will posted 725 days ago



    Let me try again.

    Do NOT read anything into my comments.

    The only reason that I came to his defense is because I am sick and tired of punk ass kids with shit for brains attacking a b/r writer.

    Understand ???

    It could have been any b/r writer.

    Not necessarily Matt Miller.

    I have no problem with serious fans disagreeing with any b/r writer and giving their opinion.

    None whatsoever.

    But . . . you and I both know that was not what was happening.

    He made a fucking list.

    He expressed his own fucking thoughts as a writer..

    In my opinion . . . if you do disagree that strongly with someone about something . . . you counter with you own thoughts and opinions.


    And . . . if you really want to . . . you give your own reasons why.

    However . . . where I come from . . . you do not attack any writer on a personal level and call them names just because you disagree with them.

    And . . . like I said . . . the only reason I responded to you is because you had a problem with me.

    While . . . seemingly , , , ignoring what was being said about Matt.

    Got it ???

    If not . . . I can't help you.


  • Will posted 725 days ago


    Redskin(s) Fan:

    Sorry about leaving the "s" off.


    Now then . . .

    If you ever put in the time and effort to write an article on b/r . . . I seriously doubt that you would like for others to attack and ridicule you.

    Disagreeing is fine.

    Disagree all you want . . . and have a lot of fun doing it.

    Banter and smack talk are also great.

    It comes with the territory.

    But again . . . in my opinion . . . trying to make Matt Miller or any other b/r writer look like a complete idiot for giving his or her opinion is really crossing the line.

    And . . . truthfully . . . it adds nothing to the conversation.

  • Will posted 725 days ago


    Redskin Fan:

    With all due respect . . . I am not suggesting that you were.

    However . . . we both know that a lot of b/r posters have multiple accounts and different user names for the sole purpose of causing trouble.

    You were not born yesterday.

    And . . . neither was I.

    One even admitted that he had created a new name . . . for the purpose of attacking on that particular thread.

    Others . . . not you perhaps . . . were doing all of the things that I eluded to in my recent responses to you..

    By the way . . . you wrote to me first.

    And . . . I guess you think you are entitled to post those kind of comments . . . and make those kind of vulgar references . . . to anyone.

    Sorry. . . I think you and I will just have to disagree with what we think is right and wrong and acceptable behavior.


  • Will posted 726 days ago


    I believe Matt Miller was trying.


    Certainly a lot harder than the idiots doing all the name calling.

    I also believe that articles are assigned to certain writers to prevent too many people from writing about the same subjects.

    Think about it.

    You take your assignment . . . and TRY to do the best you can.

    There were people who provided us with their own list . . . and you will notice that I did not criticize any of them.

    Slaming a writer and talking smack takes no effort for anybody.

    Cheap shots are sheap shots.

    No matter who is saying what.

  • Will posted 726 days ago


    Understood . . . point taken.

    But . . . in my opinion . . . there are two ways of looking at this.

    First . . . attacking a writer for giving his opinion is little more than sniping, trolling, and attempting to ruin it for others.

    Believe me . . . anybody could make their presence known on one of your Washington Redskin sites and basically ruin it for everyone as well.

    Seriously . . . if you disagreed with the author . . .

    And . . . obviously you did . . .

    Why not just come forward with your own opinions and reasoning to offset his ???

    Now . . . you would have my attention . . . and respect.

    Truthfully . . .

    I seldom . . . if ever . . . agree with Matt Miller, Aaron Nagler, Josh Zerkle or Dan Levy on anything.

    But . . . in my opinion . . . it is lame to try and discredit them . . . or even try to embarrass them into not participating anymore.

    What would that accomplish ???

    Coming down on any b/r writer and calling them names for voicing their own opinions is kind of bush.

    And . . . to be honest . . . I think you know it.