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A member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and Pro Football Writers of America who resides in Mesa, Arizona Gary has been featured on a number of fantasy websites and in nationally circulated publications, and received a nomination in 2013 for the FSWA Fantasy Football Web Article of the Year.

These publications include the 2012 and 2013 USA Today Fantasy Football Previews, and the magazines distributed by Fantasy Sports Publications Inc., for whom Gary is a both a contributing author and associate editor.

Gary also appears regularly on Sirius XM Radio, WXFJ Radio in Jacksonville, Florida, KDUS Radio in Phoenix, Arizona and is the co-host of Kellogg's Komments (a fantasy football podcast) with FSWA Hall-of-Famer Greg Kellogg on Blog Talk Radio.

Gary was one of the co-founders of, and Head Writer at, Fantasy Football Oasis before joining Fantasy Sharks as an IDP Senior Staff Writer in 2011.

Gary joined Bleacher Report in 2011 and is now an NFL Analyst for B/R, covering the latest happenings in the National Football League and reporting on how they affect the fortunes of fantasy football fanatics everywhere.

He knows football. Or so he's heard.

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  • joe robertson posted 7 days ago

    joe robertson

    Flacco has the 11th highest cap number amongst Qbs. Stafford, Rivers, Peyton Manning, Ryan, Rodgers, Bradford (draft cap), Brees, Cutler, Roethlisberger and Eli Manning are all above Flacco. He's tied with Brady and just above Carson Palmer. So what is hindering the Ravens from signing other talent? You said it was Flacco's high cap number! You didn't do research at all. You just look at the bottom line, Oh 6 years 120 million... He isn't worth 20 million a year! Yeah, look at the contract and you'd understand its essentially a 3-4 year deal that won't touch the 5th without a negotiation.

    And Flacco doesn't even have a unibrow, you'd probably want to choose a picture from years back when he HAD one if you're going to say he scares children and looks like Bert. Also, very hypocritical from a guy with a lions mane like yours. Kettle calling the pot black?

  • Gary Davenport posted 19 days ago

    Gary Davenport

    Chris, that line actually started at Cincy +2, and the Bengals were still getting points when I wrote that slide. Must have been a TON of action on Cincy (no surprise), which swung the spread.

  • Chris Swenski posted 20 days ago

    Chris Swenski

    Hey Gary, I think you flipped the line on the Bengals / Pats game. Most books have the Bengals favored by 1-2, and one has it at even. Consensus line is Bengals -1.5, so probably not an upset pick.

  • Gary Davenport posted 42 days ago

    Gary Davenport

    Different schedule for me in 2014 Ryne, so sadly I will not.

  • Ryne Olsen posted 45 days ago

    Ryne Olsen

    Gary, Will you be doing the Last Minute Expert Picks again this year?

  • Ryne Olsen posted 45 days ago

    Ryne Olsen

    Gary, will you be doing the expert picks compilation from around the Net again?

  • Gary Davenport posted 46 days ago

    Gary Davenport

    That's a RIDICULOUS group of linebackers. Were the other owners in your league taking a nap? Drunk? Both?

  • The INSIDER posted 48 days ago

    The  INSIDER

    Gary, thanks for updating your B/Rep experts picks with the Panel individual picks. I like when you show the entire Panel picks and, hopefully, their overall record as the season goes on.

  • Truth Will Be Revealed posted 53 days ago

    Truth Will Be Revealed

    Hey, Gary. I just finished up an auction draft for my fantasy IDP league. I have Kuechly, Burfict, and David on my squad. If the scoring is set at 2 points per tackle and INT and 3 per sack...did I just win my league?

  • Xavier Berrios posted 61 days ago

    Xavier Berrios

    Too bad you use the word "excrement" while mocking the Raiders slogan. We obviously know your not a Raiders fan or even try to sympathize with them, but at least when you write about a team don't show your disdain towards them specifically when you are a fan of a team that has done "squat" in the NFL. How about joining mainstream media talking about your Hoyer vs. Manziel. "inmmortals" and "legends' are shaking right now because of the "grandiose" Browns.

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