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A member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and Pro Football Writers of America who resides in Mesa, Arizona Gary has been featured on a number of fantasy websites and in nationally circulated publications, and received a nomination in 2013 for the FSWA Fantasy Football Web Article of the Year.

These publications include the 2012 and 2013 USA Today Fantasy Football Previews, and the magazines distributed by Fantasy Sports Publications Inc., for whom Gary is a both a contributing author and associate editor.

Gary also appears regularly on Sirius XM Radio, WXFJ Radio in Jacksonville, Florida, WHBQ Radio in Memphis, Tennessee and is the co-host of Kellogg's Komments (a fantasy football podcast) with FSWA Hall-of-Famer Greg Kellogg on Blog Talk Radio.

Gary was one of the co-founders of, and Head Writer at, Fantasy Football Oasis before joining Fantasy Sharks as an IDP Senior Staff Writer in 2011.

Gary joined Bleacher Report in 2011 and is now an NFL Analyst for B/R, covering the latest happenings in the National Football League and reporting on how they affect the fortunes of fantasy football fanatics everywhere.

He knows football. Or so he's heard.

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  • Cameron Shallow posted 11 days ago

    Cameron Shallow

    The most important part about your Michael Sam article was that not once was his sexuality mentioned. Right now he should be a football player, not "Michael Sam, the gay football player". I'm impressed.

  • Scout Brown posted 66 days ago

    Scout Brown

    How could all teams pass up on kedrick Rhodes out of west Alabama

  • Billsfan4life posted 113 days ago


    u dont no shit about football son. u just som yellabellyed redneck SOB, no way is moseley outta the top 10 - i was lookin in ur mock draft an i thought it was some kinda wheres waldo going on #ROLLTIDE #12thMan #WinTheDay

  • Dynasties Legacy posted 191 days ago

    Dynasties Legacy

    Analyzing Draft Stock for Missouri DE Michael Sam
    By Gary Davenport , Featured Columnist Feb 10, 2014

    Mr. Davenport,

    I would like to thank you sir, this is being done because in writing the above mentioned article. Publication provides proof of the need for changes from all aspects within the sporting community, Namely the NFL. Point to you sir, your article demonstrated the very thing you tried to avoid. This not only spotlighted you personal stance on the issue at hand but also showcased the depth of the reservation and uncertainty we all feel about it.

    Yes the media is slanted one direction or another, Usually the direction of public opinion. As it stands the only one thing we all know for cretin is, this young man has availed himself to the highest beliefs we have in this our nation. He is to be true to himself and seek the place in this world where his dreams come true.

    The only sticking point in the article that I would like to point out, is the passive tense you continuously refereed to him within. It's a position of everything being in the past. This gives the distinct impression that His sports dream has already ended. Just in the reading of your piece, I am left with a view that the final mission is made, he's already finished with his career. This only give me " The READER " the impression that you Unintentionally or Blandly have slanted the article in this manner?

    This piece you have written should it not contain future tense? You did point out positive aspects but not once through out the article did you portray him as Current tense to Future tense?....

    What are your thoughts?


    Louis J. Reyes III

  • Rob Grane posted 204 days ago

    Rob Grane

    You obviously know nothing about the Rams and your pathetic attempt to pin the problems of the team on one person is just silly and stupid. I will not be reading your articles again.

  • Doc Wright posted 210 days ago

    Doc Wright

    The Calvin Johnson part is incorrect. He was 0 for 0 on 2 targets to Sherman the numbers you posted was Titus Young not Johnson.

  • Jon Stitzel posted 219 days ago

    Jon Stitzel

    So, you go through the takeaway's from the Divisional Round NFL Playoff games and don't mention anything about the Broncos? You had room to praise the Chargers great season twice. Did the Broncos contribute anything over the weekend other than ending that magical season?

  • Brian Thometz posted 258 days ago

    Brian Thometz

    Hey Gary I was wondering if you could post a weekly article with the NFL game highlights from Thanks.

  • Matthew Stafford posted 281 days ago

    Matthew Stafford

    Still hating on the Lions in your new article? Are you jealous or just a cynical asshole?

  • Matthew Stafford posted 282 days ago

    Matthew Stafford

    In a division that fielded two playoff teams last year, and with a schedule that includes the always tough NFC East and an AFC North that includes the defending Super Bowl champions, it's very hard to see the Lions cracking .500 in 2013, good stuff man you are a real expert.

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