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  • Will posted 414 days ago


    Tim who ???

    Well . . . I guess you forget to read THIS lack of options.


  • Will posted 463 days ago



    Oh-h-h-h . . . you caught us dead to right ! ! !


    What were we thinking ???

    We held that pretend rally in Jacksonville just to embarrass Tim Tebow and the members of his fanatic following.

    I am surprised that you caught on so quickly.

  • Richard Bowman posted 471 days ago

    Richard Bowman

    then why did you include San Fran, Seattle, and Washington? next time don't include them... i didn't have a problem with you mentioning the other teams which is why i didn't single any of them out. also, you keep talking about how the Jets have 4 QB's on their roster , well now it looks like Mark Sanchez will miss the entire season with shoulder surgery. looks like Rex is smarter than you think.

  • Will posted 475 days ago



    Quit spamming your boards ???


    What an arrogant piece of you know what you are.

    And . . . more to the point . . . what exactly do you think you have been doing on my boards ???


    I thought we were now exchanging ideas.


    Obviously . . . that will now come to an abrupt end.

    Here is a read option just for you:

    You can take your love for Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow and try shoving them down someone else's throat.

  • Joe Buckeye posted 475 days ago

    Joe Buckeye

    No Will, not the same at all. In the R/O the running play and ball carrier is not decided until AFTER the snap and AFTER the DE (and sometimes CB) commit to their positioning.

    And please stop spamming my bulletin board. There's nothing you've said here that isn't more appropriate on the threads.

  • Richard Bowman posted 475 days ago

    Richard Bowman

    Let these two quotes said by you sink in for a minute.

    "Who's running the read/option this season? Philly, Seattle, San Francisco, Carolina, Washington, KC, Chicago, and the Raiders... (I may have missed a couple teams, like Buffalo's partial use of the r/o)"

    "If these teams start winning big with the R/O, some renegade owner will hire Tebow to run Tebow's own version of the Read Option."

  • Will posted 475 days ago



    I am not saying you are completely wrong.

    But . . . I think there is and always will be a more realistic approach to what you are saying.

    Sure . . . elements of the read option will always be used.

    But . . . then again . . . that is basically what a pocket passer does when he calls audibles at the line of scrimmage.

    And . . . then . . . goes through his check downs.

    Right now . . . your whole approach to football seems limited to you worshiping Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow . . . and the Church of Read Option.

    You want so badly to be heard that you basically have tuned out everything else and sound somewhat possessed.

    Even that or you just want to argue.


    It is like there is only one God and one Christ figure in pro football for you . . . and their names are Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow.

    And . . . from the looks of it . . . you are never going to give up your religious beliefs in them anytime soon.

  • Will posted 477 days ago



    Scrabbling ???


    How about scrambling ???

    I think the further we get away from Denver . . . the harder it will be for Tim Tebow to find work in the NFL.

    I think most teams will turn to the draft and not Tim Tebow for a number of reasons.

    In my opinion . . . I think his overall popularity and / or fanatic following and the ever present media will eventually work against him.

    No team wants that kind of attention and / or nonsense bestowed upon a backup quarterback or someone trying to make the team.

  • Will posted 478 days ago



    Here is my honest opinion.

    Which . . . of course . . . you will disagree with.


    I think teams will slowly but surely continue to incorporate certain aspects of the read - option into their offense.

    No doubt.

    But . . . I do not think the pocket passer is a thing of the past.

    Throwing quarterbacks will continue to sling it . . . which Tebow cannot do well.

    And . . . scrabbling quarterbacks will continue to run it . . . which Tebow can do well.

    The problem that I see is he is now falling behind . . . further and further . . . with each and every passing year and draft.

    Teams will opt for Teddy Bridgewater and . . . maybe even . . . Johnny Manziel before ever going back to Tim Tebow.

    He remains a project . . . and an enigma.

    And . . . as such . . . I do not see any team committing itself to Tim Tebow ever again.

    Now . . . this is where things go South.


    I know you do not see him as a controversial headache that most teams do not want to deal with.

    But . . . others would disagree.

    Myself included.

    And . . . in my opinion . . . that is a part of the reason why all thirty-two teams have now passed on him twice.

    All you have to do is read all the nonsense on Bleacher Report to know that no team will ever want to divide their own fan base in that matter.

    It has caused problems wherever he goes.

    Especially in New York.

    And . . . unfortunately for you and the other Tim Tebow fans . . . there will be other viable options without any of the problems.

    So . . . yes . . . I do respectfully disagree with you.

    Even though the read - option in various forms is here to stay . . . I think the unfortunate and inconvenient truth is Tim Tebow is now a thing of the past.

    One of us is right.

    And . . . one of us is wrong.

    And . . . as time goes by . . . it will certainly be interesting to see how all of this plays itself out.

    See you on the boards.


  • Joe Buckeye posted 478 days ago

    Joe Buckeye

    @Will, you said: "If Josh McDaniels was not able to save him in Denver and New England . . . I seriously doubt that anyone else will be trying again anytime soon."

    Tebow's fortunes will rise or fall on the Read/Option offense. If the R/O succeeds across most of the new offenses (Philly, KC, Raiders, Chi, etc) then four or five other struggling head coaches will be doing all they can to jump on the R/O bandwagon. Tebow will be on everybody's short list.

    If the R/O fails, Tebow will be hard pressed to find an NFL spot