Craig Swartz

Craig Swartz


I am a lifelong Phillies and Eagles fan. My earliest recollections of the Phillies are from the 1964 season. I don't remember much about the Eagles before around 1968. I've been collecting baseball and football cards my entire life. I have roughly 25,000 baseball and 10,000 football cards. Just received the 1951 Bowman Willie Mays rookie card for Christmas from my dear wife. My greatest sports thrill was this year's World Series win by the Phils. Still patiently? waiting for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

I joined b/r a couple of months ago. I'm not an article writer but I enjoy making comments and reading quality writing.

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  • JW Nix posted 2900 days ago

    JW Nix

    controversy begats controversy :

  • Mike Kent posted 3213 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hey man, do you want to play in are fantasy league?

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3275 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    You've raised some outstanding young men.

    I'm sure that you know that's just an outside observation from a stranger.

    You can put that in your 'parenting resume' eh?

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3281 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Your son left an inquiry on my BB...or someone did. The cadence, rhythm and structure isn't the same as his sports articles. Perhaps the subject matter is responsible for that.

    Also, he has this posted in his bio;

    "I have a competitive desire unmatched by any person I've ever interacted with in my life and I love debating, preferably with people who actually know what they're talking about."

    Throwing down the gauntlet is fun and all, but let's not be 'shocked' when someone takes up the challenge, eh?

    So, in reply to his inquiry I posted my reply as follows;

    "As I said, I'm an easy read Bryn.

    When you say that every story needs a bad guy, that could be me yes, but the story changes and I adapt. Sometimes I feel the need to play the 'good guy'...such as our last encounter. You, your brother and then your father jumped on the Cowboy author and I perceived that as unbalanced aggression. I simply made it 3 against 2...and you Swartzes took exception to that and the skirmish escalated harm, no foul, you guys wouldn't quit and neither would I. But that's just one example.

    So, you say that I play devil's advocate and I acknowledge that to be 100% true. It's what I do. I consider myself to be objective in that aspect. If you and your family had started to lose our 'debate' I would have switched side just to keep it going...but nothing I say or do is 'carefully planned out'...there is no time for that in our kind of encounter. Thrust and parry must be spontaneous and quick, there is no time to plan a counter attack under those circumstances. The knife must be quick.

    RE: "Look at Me!" that crap just happens, I have no control over it. As an example...I'm betting that neither you or you family have ever encountered me elsewhere here on B/R. If I was a self-promoter I would be posting all over the Swartz family BBs with "Look at Me!" comments and such.

    The fact is that when I walk into a room that I've never been in before...I'm noticed. I haven't had to buy a cocktail in this town for 25 years. I'm not positive why that is but I suspect that it's because I'm a semi-famous Chef around here...and women love me. I have no control over that but I do know that it happens to other people too, I am not alone there so I'm not unique.

    The wittiness, the dry humor, the's just me. It's who I am, I was born that way.

    I'm a point. I'm no more intelligent than anyone than I've met here on B/R...yet...but it's not the intelligence, it's the perspective, the objectivity, that confuses...and bothers people. Most people like things in black and white...I live in the gray. That may be because of the era I grew up in and , yes, different is good, very, very good.

    As far as my writing and the quality of it, I do not believe that you've read any of it so I have no faith in your judgment of it. Those three POTDs were probably slooow days back in the early days of B/R. I doubt they would stand muster today with the quality of writing that we have now on B/R. I put no import on POTDs, awards or writer rankings...this is B/R, not the Washington Post or the Times and I'm not selling myself to

    I'll be auctioning my #26 writer's ranking on eBay soon, I don't use it really, so I'll keep you posted.

    I do love a good debate, no argument there, and this is a great place to engage. It's not my priority though. The circumstances of my arrival on B/R are legendary in the front office...but I really hung around to read and learn. B/R is unique in the vast number of sports disciplines that get exposure every day and I've found that learning about sports that I 'hated' you Swartzes 'hate' NASCAR...has been the greatest reward I've garnered here on B/R.

    And learning about something you might 'hate' is the essence of the human experience...right?

    I have never, ever insulted anyone's picture. I have corrected someone's grammar or spelling in retaliation to an attack. That's earned and deserved. The old age deal? That's called humor.

    What I do best is arbitrate, what I do second best is defend the underdog or outnumbered...which brought us here.

    If you can find any objectivity in that young heart you might go back to the Cowboy's article and put yourself in neutral mode, forget that you and your family are involved in the 'debate'.

    Check and see if my initial comments might be humorous to the uninvolved, check and see where the engagement went hostile and who escalated it to that level. See if you can find where we went wrong. Check one of the last comments in the thread made by that Phillies Fanatic guy.

    You have an obsessive hunger to be the #1 writer on B/R, that's your focus and that will be your weakness. Unadulterated ambition has brought many a man down. Good luck with that.

    We'll meet again I'm sure of it. Since Football season has ended for both of us it won't be the Eagles or Ravens that bring us together, it most likely will be the Phillies since spring training is a heartbeat away.

    I'll be trolling the boards looking for trouble, you'll be there backing the Phillies...and I'll be watching you...because I'm a Phillies fan too and I'll have your back in a scrap."

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3282 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    So...was my answer finally sufficient?

    I have not heard back from you and you are no longer allowed to 'hit and run' here.

    There are new rules for B/R users written up by the new behavior monitor and this one applies;

    "#4: No hit-and-runs. Don't leave a comment and not write back simply because someone proves you wrong."

    Either reply to my answer below or I will turn you in to the content Nazis that make the rules now.

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3283 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    It's well known that there are 2-3 voters who return blank ballots because Pete Rose or Joe Jackson or who knows who is not listed as an electoral candidate, there are 2-3 voters who absolutely never, ever vote for any player in his first year of eligibility...hence the unwritten 98% MAX rule.

    Now I may not agree with them completely, i.e., you could probably sell me on any of them with an objective argument uphold your honorable principles for that long under so much critisism just smacks of deep and defensible character.

    It's easy to follow the crowd and say "what the hell, let's make it 100%"'s damn near impossible to go against the grain, hold out and just say no.

    This country needs more of that.

    p.s., the day will come when some jackass is busting Bryn's chops over some nitpicking detail or his subjective devotion to his'll probably find me covering Bryn's back...'cause I'm an old school Phillies fan who happens to think Richie Allen deserves to be in the HoF.

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3283 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Still over your head eh? Damn.

    As far as being a 'bully', I am the opposite. Remember the schoolyard bullies we had? I'm the guy that kicked his ass and protected the weaker ones. I've always been that way, always will be that way.

    As far as looking small? I don't look in the mirror so I don't keep track of that kind of thing and neither do my fans evidently. Some of my most heated opponents are my biggest fans and I'm theirs because we argue and they get my meaning, they understand WHY I'm the "character cop", tthey understand why I stick up for the underdog and argue the losing cause.

    I'll argue you any day about any thing, you say white, I say black...If you start losing, I'll switch sides and help you, then switch back.

    It's all about the sport of debate, the game inside the game.

    I still don't 'get it''s OK, it's of no import.

    Well, without a doubt we'll meet again in a different dispute over syntax and meaning.

    p.s., If you stalked my BB then I'm sure that you saw your boy posts me often to edit and read his work also...he's very talented but can be precious at times...he needs to grow that famous Philly thick skin and not let the Cowboys/Redskins fans get to him.

    (I'm honored that you stalked my Bulletin Board's a shame you only picked out the two things that made me look like a 'bully'...but that's what 'small people' do right? They manipulated facts to fit their personal perceptions.)

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3283 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Well Craig, you either didn't read that last comment or it went right over your head.

    I simply did/said the same things to you and the others that you did/said to the HoF voters that don't make elections unanimous.

    You guys questioned the voter's character and worthiness and I did the same for you as an experiment.

    All of you had expected reactions, others can be wrong and chastised but god forbid you get challenged in the same manner.

    You just made my point...again. Consider yourself schooled.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3301 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Oh that's cool. Both Bryn and Cody are up-and-coming and I like reading their stuff. Can you take a look at something of mine, I'd like to know what you think:

  • Bleacher Report posted 3302 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Hey Craig

    Are you Bryn and Cody's dad? If so, cool. I like keeping in touch with them, and they check out my stuff a lot. Wondering if you might take a look: