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Been a "Die-Hard" Dallas fan, since 1966 when I was 5 years old !! Although I was born in St. Joseph, MO. & moved to Bloomfield, IA when I was 7 could never like the Chief's. Pretty much all of my family did, and I had a QB technique book signed by Lenny Dawson, which my cousin got me at a game. However I liked the Cowboys !!
Being from the midwest, and surrounded by Chief/Viking/Bear/Packer/ and Ram (back then Cardinals lol I just couldn't like them !! I took alot of crap about it, but remained "Steadfast" in my loyalty to my Cowboy's. Then came Roger Staubach, and they became "America's Team" !! I remember watching the game where the commentator first said that, and watching it become the monicker. Of course there were other Dallas fan's in the area, and we'd have argument's with Steeler fans & 49er fans lol Some would even lead to fights, as in the 94 NFC Championship game.
I am a big time Tony Romo fan, and also love Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Felix Jones, Demarcus Ware, and lately Sean Lee !! I believe Tony along with his cast can bring us our 6th Super Bowl ring. I could see the ship sinking on Wade Phillips the year we were beaten by the Viking's with a hobbled Bret Favre. We'd already beaten the Saint's once that year, and that was their 1st loss. We wasted 1 good year of Tony's career last year, but he broke his clavicle so extended his career. The rest are still younger than him except for Witten whom is always healthy, and looks like he should have another good 5-7 years.
Hiring Garrett, and Rob Ryan will bring us the Super Bowl if our O-Line can mature, and we fortify our secondary through the draft. The Hawkeye's could help us there, as we've an excellent secondary with Sean Prater & Micah Hyde. Should we aquire one of them along with keeping Jenkins healthy, and we'd be well on our way. I don't believe we'll see the Super Bowl this year, but believe with new, and appropriate draft picks along with free agency will be there next year !!

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