Nathan Halford


My Arlington, Texas roots grew me into the devoted Rangers and Cowboys enthusiast that I am today. At a young age, I moved to Lexington, Kentucky, where I spent much of my childhood. As one might guess, I grew up surrounded by Bluebloods who supported the Wildcats. While I fully support Joker Phillips and the UK football program, I am more strongly tied to the basketball team. My sporting interests center around these teams, but I also am an avid futbol fan, hoping that the game of soccer continues to grow in this country.

"We Like Sportz" by the Lonely Island might best describe my personality. I highly recommend that you visit YouTube and watch it, so that you may get to know the type of fan that I am.

I am not in the journalism industry now, although I have had past experience freelancing high school football, among other things. I love to write, hear other writers' opinions, accept criticism and talk trash - to a certain extent.

As important as sports are to me, my relationship with Jesus Christ is exponentially more meaningful. I couldn't imagine the world without sports, but wouldn't WANT to imagine the world without the Lord.

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  • Ned Harwood posted 2226 days ago

    Ned Harwood

    Liked your recent USMNT article. Feel free to ask me any q's you have and Welcome to the BR USMNT Soccer community Nathan.