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I was born in a small town and go to school and spend a lot of time in a larger nearby town where i go to high school. I'm a freshman in a commercial school. I used to go to medical school but transfered. I love sports thats why i signed up. People i know say they don't know anybody who knows more about the NBA than i do, also I know a lot about NFL and soccer. I know a lot about other sports too, but not as much because i don't really follow any other on a daily basis. I used to train Taekwondo and was state champion but i quit later on because I was ill on and off every other week for an entire year. Later on I tried basketball, but I figured out I can't adjust my style of play to play more than 3 on 3 so i quit that too. Right now I'm working on a career in hip hop. My biggest inspirations are Tupac, DMX, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan and Joe Budden. I have a favorite in almost every sport but i have 4 that are really in my heart, as I like to say, 1 in each chamber. Those are LA Lakers, Manchester City, Philadelphia Eagles and Partizan Belgrade. Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi have been my favorite players since I was still little and Messi was still on the reserve team. I don't like Barcelona but he's still my favorite player. My big hobby is also video games, especially sports, and I am king in FIFA and NBA and so-so in Madden.

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