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I'm a bay area sports fan stuck in the deep south.

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  • Matthew Rodriquez posted 1919 days ago

    Matthew Rodriquez

    A conservative and cautious assessment but also a valid and logical one. The 49ers improved quite a bit in redzone td scoring (albeit a small sample size) and even better alex smith distributed the ball fairly evenly to his WRs and threw to his wide receiving core 75 percent of the time (a good sign of things to come...the more weapons the better and the ability to finally get the ball to wide receivers will keep opposing defenses on their toes). The TE position (see VD) is no longer the only position with talent when it comes to receiving (I am quite happy about that). Despite all this the one part the O still needs to improve on is the 3rd down conversion rate (a dismal 2 for 9). Just increasing that rate from 2-9 to 3-9 will be a marked improvement. If they keep up their TD red zone scoring and improve there 3rd down conversion rate by just an extra 6 to 10 percent (very doable) the 49ers will be the class of the NFL.

    11-5 to 12-4 is a good evaluation based on what I saw. I'm guessing the niners will go 12-4 or possibly 13-3. The NY jets don't worry me too much unless its one of those letdown games. The bills CBs made sanchez look like a pro bowler and fitz was horrendous (nearly any team could have beaten the bills soundly with their performance). Buffalos CBs are not that good trust me (they looked like pop warner cornerbacks trying to cover grown men...terrible in both press coverage and zone).

  • Matthew Rodriquez posted 1920 days ago

    Matthew Rodriquez

    Hi david. Do you still believe the 49ers are only going 10-6? Defense held the packer offense to only 2 touchdowns all day (can't count that packer punt return td on the SF defense...they really dominated the GB offense), an improved wr core, a good running back tandem in kendall hunter and frank gore...and they did it at lambeau (one of the toughest places to play in the nfl). Based on what I saw the 49ers are arguably the most balanced team in the league. I'm just wondering if you changed your mind on your original prediction. I think I'm right with mine and not only that I think they have a good chance to repeat their 13-3 record from last year. Its a great time to be a 49er fan.

  • James From Guam posted 2267 days ago

    James From Guam

    Wow an honest 49er writer, not buying into the hype about Alex Smith. Very refreshing thanks for the great articles.