I love the combination of comedy and controversy. I love my style and what I do. I'm bold enough to say what I feel regardless of what others may feel. It may not always be 100% true all of the time, but it sure as hell is entertaining, and it sparks debate.

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  • Anmol Jani posted 2312 days ago

    Anmol Jani

    L.J. how can i be a douche! i have not written even a single article on this site. and you have written 4. everyone was saying that your article is awful. well, i am just going with the flow.why dont you read the comments written and tell other people that they are douche too.

  • Anmol Jani posted 2312 days ago

    Anmol Jani

    your john cena Article truly sucks! i hope you should delete it. i would if i was you.

  • Sports Mad posted 2312 days ago

    Sports Mad

    you should not be writing for bleacher report